1st Edition

The Indian and Pacific Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks, 1768–1820, Volume 8

By Neil Chambers Copyright 2014

    Following his participation in James Cook's circumnavigation in HMS Endeavour (1768-71), Joseph Banks developed an extensive global network of scientists and explorers. His correspondence shows how he developed effective working links with the British Admiralty and with the generation of naval officers who sailed after Cook.

    1768-71 * Banks's involvement in the published accounts of Cook's voyages, 1771-1784 * Banks's proposals for a settlement on the east coast of Australia, 1779-1785 * Banks's advice regarding the mounting of the 'First Fleet' under Captain Arthur Phillip RN to found a colony at Sydney Cove, 1788, and his support for New South Wales up to 1820 * Banks's supervision of the two breadfruit voyages of William Bligh RN, 1787-93 * The East India Company, 1779-1820 * African and Indian Affairs, 1786-1820 * Banks's involvement in early fur-trading ventures to the northwest coast of America and Captain George Vancouver's survey voyage of 1791-94 * Banks's assistance in the mounting of the Macartney Embassy to China, 1792-4 * Banks's encouragement and guidance in the coastal surveys of Australia, notably those by Captain Matthew Flinders RN, 1795-1800 * Banks's plans for the epic voyage of HMS Investigator and the scientific party that he selected to sail on it, 1800-1805 * Banks's organization of the collectors and observers that were regularly dispatched on naval missions sent to the Pacific. His sorting, distribution and management of the collections made on the voyages and missions that were mounted, and his support of the publication of the accounts of these missions afterwards up to 1820