1st Edition

The Individual Employment Rights Primer

By Kurt Decker Copyright 1991
    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    A guide to employment law.

    Chapter 1 The Developing Law of Individual Employment Rights
    The Employment Relationship
     The At-Will Employment Relationship
     Employment Privacy
     Exercising Individual Employment Rights
     Employee Concerns
     Employer Concerns
     Legislative Action
     Judicial Responses
     Employment Information Collection
     Employment Information Maintenance and Internal Use
     Employment Information Access
     Employment Information
     Disclosure to Third Parties
     Employee Lifestyles at and Outside the Workplace
     Avoiding Individual Employment Rights' Litigation

    Chapter 2 Hiring Guidelines
    Initial Employment Contacts
     Employment Data Verification
     Credit Checks   
     Arrest Records
     Criminal Convictions
     Immigration Requirements
     Reference Checks
     Employment Testing
     Medical Screening
     Genetic Screening
     Blood Testing
     Skill Testing
     Polygraph Examinations
     Honesty Testing
     Handwriting Analysis
     Negligent Hiring

    Chapter 3 Employment Records
    Employment Records
     Medical Records

    Chapter 4 Medical Concerns
    Physical Examinations
     Health and Safety Complaints
     Employee Assistance Programs
     Alcohol and Drug Abuse
     Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

    Chapter 5 Information Collection Procedures
     Union Meeting Surveillance
     Workplace Surveillance
     Employee Manipulation
     Camera Surveillance
     Electronic Surveillance
     Literature Solicitation and Distribution

    Chapter 6 Employee Concerns at the Workplace
    Jury or Witness Duty
     Voting Time
     Dress and Grooming Codes
     Spousal Policies
     Third Party Representation
     Performance Evaluations
     Name Changes
     Identification Tags
     Religious Accommodation
     Privacy Misconduct
     Language Requirements
     Sexual Harassment
     Video Display Terminals

    Chapter 7 Outside the Workplace
    Personal Associations
     Basic Associations
     Lifestyle Regulation
     Conflicts of Interest
     Off-Duty Misconduct
     Non-Criminal Misconduct
     Criminal Misconduct
     Residency Requirements

    Chapter 8 Individual Employment Rights Litigation
    Personal Right Violations (Torts)
     Invasion of Privacy
     False Imprisonment
     Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
     Negligent Maintenance or Disclosure of Employment Records
     Fraudulent Misrepresentation
     Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations
     Public Policy
     Contract Violations
     Employment Contracts
     Restrictive Covenants
     Employment Handbooks and Policies
     Collective Bargaining Agreements

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