2nd Edition

The Indo-European Languages

Edited By Mate Kapović Copyright 2017
    652 Pages
    by Routledge

    650 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Indo-European Languages presents a comprehensive survey of the individual languages and language subgroups within this language family.

    With over four hundred languages and dialects and almost three billion native speakers, the Indo-European language family is the largest of the recognized language groups and includes most of the major current languages of Europe, the Iranian plateau and the Indian subcontinent.

    Written by an international team of experts, this comprehensive, single-volume tome presents in-depth discussions of the historical development and specialized linguistic features of the Indo-European languages.

    This unique resource remains the ideal reference for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of Indo-European linguistics and languages, but also for more experienced researchers looking for an up-to-date survey of separate Indo-European branches. It will be of interest to researchers and anyone with an interest in historical linguistics, linguistic anthropology and language development.

    List of Maps with Acknowledgements

    List of Figures

    List of Tables

    List of Contributors


    List of Linguistic Abbreviations

    List of Periodical Abbreviations

    The International Phonetic Alphabet

    1. The Indo-Europeans: Origins and Culture

    2. Proto-Indo-European: Comparison and Reconstruction

      1. Proto-Indo-European Phonology

      2. Proto-Indo-European Morphology

      3. Proto-Indo-European Syntax (NEW)

    3. The Indo-European Linguistics Family: Genetic and Typological Perspectives

    4. Anatolian

    5. Indo-Iranian (NEW section)

      1. Vedic

      2. Sanskrit

      3. The Indic Languages (NEW)

      4. The Iranian Languages

    6. Greek

    7. Italic (NEW section)

      1. Latin

      2. Other Italic Languages

    8. Celtic

    9. Germanic

    10. Armenian

    11. Tocharian

    12. Balto-Slavic (NEW section)

      1. Baltic

      2. Slavic

    13. Albanian

    14. Other Ancient Indo-European Languages (NEW )


    Proto-Indo-European reconstructed words/roots glossary (NEW)

    Proto-Indo-European vocabulary (semantics) glossary (NEW)

    Separate families/languages glossaries (i.e. Sanskrit, Latin, Gothic, English etc.) (NEW)


    Mate Kapović is Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He currently teaches courses on Indo-European phonology, Indo-European and Balto-Slavic accentuation, Indo-European morphology, and general phonology.