1st Edition

The Integrated Guide to Treating Penetration Disorders in Women Transforming Sexual Relationships from Fear to Confidence

By Maha Nasrallah-Babenko Copyright 2022
    150 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    150 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Maha Nasrallah-Babenko presents a culturally sensitive and uniquely accessible guide that equips clinicians, student sex therapists, and female clients with the tools to confidently treat genito-pelvic pain and penetration disorders (GPPPD). 

    Addressing the issue from an integrated approach, the book provides evidence-based information and sensate, solo and partner practical exercises derived from the author’s experience to help clinicians support women in redefining their relationship with sex, their bodies, and their partners. With a special focus on those from conservative and religious backgrounds, this beautifully illustrated text emphasizes the psychological, emotional, and relational factors that may increase shame and fear surrounding sex. The book defines GPPPD before outlining the author’s ABCs approach, awareness, body, control, and safety, where she examines topics such as sexual abuse, how to communicate with you partner, sexual beliefs and messages, the importance of arousal, vulnerability and assertiveness, and shifting the significance of penetration for an enjoyable sex life.

    This book is essential reading for training and established sex therapists, family therapists, and couple therapists looking to support those struggling with sexual intimacy, as well as the couples seeking their help.

    Introduction 1. General Overview of Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorders 2. Psychological and Emotional Factors 3. Between Control and Vulnerability 4. Relational Factors 5. Mastering Her Body 6. Incorporating the Partner Conclusion: Closing Words and Beyond


    Maha Nasrallah-Babenko is a licensed Psychologist with a PhD in Psychology and a Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. She is from Lebanon and is currently based in the US.

    "Psychosexual Therapy might be difficult to define, a difficult marriage of medicine, psychology, and human systems. Dr. Nasrallah-Babenko confidently navigates this relationship and adds to it up to date research on the subject of penetration disorders. She examines, critically, the transgenerational and cultural injunctions which influence women (and those clinicians who work with them) in their sexual development. She explores those methodologies aimed at repairing and overcoming women's psychosexual issues and ultimately assists couples in growing together. This work is pioneering in that it focuses on women in the Middle East; it comes highly recommended as a resource for clinicians and trainers in the field and particularly those who might wish to critique the field from a transcultural perspective." 

    - Bernd Leygraf, Consultant Psychotherapist, Naos-Institute (www.naos-institute.com)

    "I recommend this book to students, clinicians, and clients. Maha Nasrallah-Babenko has captured the essence of working with a dedicated client group who frequently present with issues concerned with pain, non-consummation, and sexual naivety. The content is easily readable and demonstrates empathy for the clients, walking with them to a potentially positive outcome. Whilst the client group is specific there is no doubt that the recommendations, exercises, and insights would be useful to a broader population of women who attend for psychosexual and relationship therapy. There is a balance of work contained within the book, which is stabilizing and holding for the clients and, as such, should be added to dedicated course reading lists for students in the field. This book will be used frequently and become one of the ‘go to’ texts for some time to come."

    - Judi Keshet-Orr, Founder/Director LDPRT (www.psychosexulatraining.org.uk)