1st Edition

The Integrated Practitioner Full Series, 5 Volume Set

    832 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This extraordinary new series fills a void in practitioner development and well-being. The books take a reflective step back from the tick-box, target-driven and increasingly regulated world of 21st century health practice; and invite us to revisit what health and health practice actually are.  Building carefully on the science and philosophy of health, each book addresses the messy, complex and often chaotic world of real-life health practice and offers an ancient but now almost revolutionary understanding  for students and experienced practitioners alike: that health practice is a fundamentally creative and compassionate activity. •Integrating Everything | 9781846197758 •Turning Tyrants into Tools in Health Practice | 9781846197734 •Co-creating in Health Practice | 9781846197741 •Surviving and Thriving in Health Practice | 9781846197727 •Food for Thought | 9781846197765


    Justin Amery