1st Edition

The Interaction of High-Power Lasers with Plasmas

By Shalom Eliezer Copyright 2002
    332 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The Interaction of High-Power Lasers with Plasmas provides a thorough self-contained discussion of the physical processes occurring in laser-plasma interactions, including a detailed review of the relevant plasma and laser physics. The book analyzes laser absorption and propagation, electron transport, and the relevant plasma waves in detail. It also discusses the physics of the electric and magnetic fields in a laser-induced plasma medium, laser-induced shock waves, rarefaction waves, heat waves, and the related hydrodynamic instabilities (Rayleigh-Taylor, Richtmyer-Meshkov, and Kelvin-Helmholtz).

    A pedagogical presentation, the book addresses the basic physics issues from first principles, using simple models wherever appropriate. The coverage provides a foundation on which the graduate student can build an understanding of the past and present research in this field. For the experienced researcher, the book is a comprehensive and useful presentation of laser-plasma interactions.

    High Power Lasers, from Nanoseconds to Seconds
    Introduction to Plasma Physics for Electrons and Ions
    The Three Approaches to Plasma Physics
    The Ponderomotive Force
    Waves in Laser Produced Plasmas
    Laser Induced Electric Fields in Plasmas
    Laser Induced Magnetic Fields in Plasmas
    Thermal Conduction and Heat Waves
    Shock Waves and Rarefaction Waves
    Hydrodynamic Instabilities
    Appendix A: Maxwell Equations
    Appendix B: Prefixes
    Appendix C: Vectors and Matrices
    Appendix D: A Note on the Maxwell Distribution


    Shalom Eliezer

    "Professor Eliezer, who is well known for his work on laser-plasma interactions, has produced a very welcome text which will provide a good introduction for people entering the field and a useful reference for those already working in it. … the book provides an introduction to the many questions which are currently of interest in laser-plasma interactions. As an up-to-date and accessible account of the subject it is to be welcomed."
    -Journal of Plasma Physics

    "The author has clearly used his extensive experience and understanding of the pedagogical and communication issues involved to produce a well-written text in which topics are presented to the reader with well-managed timing. Key terms are highlighted in bold type when first encountered so that the reader can hone in quickly on them, simply dipping into the book to refresh the memory or to clarify particular points of physics.

    Eliezer's text brings together three decades of the understanding of the underlying intense-laser plasma physics into a single unified resource. Although an ambitious goal, he succeeds admirably and [this book] is an ideal starting point for any graduate student entering this exciting area as well as providing a single, high-quality, comprehensive, and self-contained resource for the growing researcher community in intense laser-matter interaction."
    - J.T. Costello, in Contemporary Physics, 2003, 44(4)

    "This is a very good and long awaited book that deals with the exciting field of laser matter interaction. The book will be a great tool for both professionals and students. The author has made an outstanding effort to provide a clear and updated view of the current status of the field. The combination of derivations based on basic principles coupled with the realistic conditions makes this book very useful to those who have been working or just entering into this rapidly evolving field."
    - Professor A. Zigler, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

    "[The book] provides an pedagogical introduction into the various topics, which will serve as an excellent textbook for students and researchers working in that field. …The different approaches to plasma physics are clearly presented in a highly educative manner. Eliezer has done an outstanding job in presenting the whole field of modern plasma physics generated by lasers starting from first principles. … the reader is always able to focus on the physics without getting confused by a too mathematical approach. Eliezer managed to include actual examples exactly at the right point, so the reader can get a feeling for the importance of different effects in present experiments … the book presents an invaluable source of knowledge for laser plasma interaction offered in excellent format. …

    The concepts are clearly displayed; the reader is guided, step by step through the individual processes up to the final physics expressions. Finally the results are presented in appropriate units and examples are given with respect to state-of-the-art experiments. The book is surely one of the best textbooks written for this field of research. It is easy to read, and it is fascinating to follow the path from basic equations to the full beauty of the final results … Shalom Eliezer should be thanked for keeping the promise of providing an outstanding pedagogical presentation of modern laser and plasma physics."
    -Professor Dr. Markus Roth, in Laser and Particle Beams

    "The book is well written and will serve as a valuable asset for graduate students and physicists working in the area of laser plasma interactions and high energy astrophysics. It should also be useful for teaching master level courses on laser plasma interactions. The reviewer highly recommends the book to the interested reader."
    -P.K. Shukla in the Journal of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

    "The book is excellent, actually peerless. It gives a comprehensive view of the basics of laser-plasma interaction and arrives to the main topics to study the macroscopic reaction of the plasma: shock waves and hydro-instabilities. Easy to read and accurate."
    -Professor Martinez-Val

    "This book will serve nicely the community of laser fusion. It compactly surveys the various fields of relevance to laser fusion science."
    -Professor T. Tajima

    "This book is a timely contribution to the teaching of collective wave behaviours in the interaction of high flux lasers with dense and hot plasmas … . The presentation of the given material is actually impressive. Concepts are clearly introduced and historical remarks lighten adequately the flow of equations. Final physical expressions are carefully displayed in appropriate units … . All in all Shalom Eliezer should be warmly thanked for such a remarkable textbook that could be on the shelves of nearly every graduate student in plasma physics, inertial fusion physics, and even astrophysics."
    -Professor Claude Deutsch

    "… the intended readership includes undergraduates and graduate students, and the book is also meant to be a comprehensive presentation of the basic physics for the advance researcher.

    … its very careful presentation of the physics of lasers, plasmas, and their interactions provides a sound basis for anyone, from advanced undergraduates onward to those interested in the field. Libraries serving physics and engineering departments will find this to be a useful addition to their collections."
    - Robert Michaelson in E-Streams, 6(4)