The Interface of Safety and Security

Series Editor:

More and more security related issues are occurring, either on a large scale (Paris, Brussels, Nice, etc.), or in a smaller scale (various knife attacks in Israel, lone wolves, etc.). Radicalization, Cyber-attacks, CBRN (e.g. dirty bombs) create a complex security environment. At the same time, safety related issues are highly affected by the ongoing economic slowdown and it's byproducts (increased occupational psychosocial issues based on the latest EU OSHA ESENER results). Safety in the work environment, safety systems, and competent authorities are the first victims of austerity and the financial crisis. It is obvious from the above, that a new set of social conditions that affect the workplace and the employee, conditions that are more complex and dynamic than before, and a new set of conditions that brings closer safety and security and creates a new narrative. The aim of this new book series is to provide the scientific and professional communities with a series of professional, reference, textbooks, and handbooks that will feed this need. Areas that will be affected and that also illustrate potential new books in the series, are safety management, safety communication, human factors, emerging threats stemming from security, critical infrastructure protection, risk assessment, management, communication, etc.