The International Handbook of Addiction Behaviour  book cover
1st Edition

The International Handbook of Addiction Behaviour

Edited By

Ilana Belle Glass

ISBN 9781138687417
Published September 11, 2018 by Routledge
384 Pages

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Book Description

International in its scope and multidisciplinary in its approach, The International Handbook of Addiction Behaviour, originally published in 1991, set a new agenda in the addictions field. This volume brings together the full variety of scientific approaches to addiction behaviour. It broke new ground by highlighting the links between clinical work, training and research and proposes a way forward towards integrated treatment interventions. This title is a definitive teaching text and will still be a valuable resource for students in the addiction field.

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors.  Foreword by Griffith Edwards.  Introduction by Ilana Belle GlassSection 1: Scientific Approaches to Addiction  1. Dependence on Psychoactive Drugs: Finding a Common Language D. Colin Drummond  2. Drug Dependence as Pharmacological Adaption John Littleton  3. Behavioural Pharmacology of Addiction I. P. Stolerman  4. Psychological Theories of Addiction Robert West  5. Drug Use and Dependence as a Social Problem: Sociological Approaches Jonathan Gabe and Michael Bury  6. Career and Natural History Duncan Raistrick  7. The Role of Genetic Predisposition in Alcoholism Adityanjee and Robin M. Murray  8. Economic Aspects of the Markets for Alcohol, Tobacco and Illicit Drugs Alan Maynard  Section 2: Clinical Syndromes  9. Alcohol and Cerebral Depressants Robert M. Anthenelli and Marc A. Schuckit  10. Opiates Jerome H. Jaffe  11. Cannabis Bankole A. Johnson  12. Tripping the Light Fantastic: The Phenomenon of the Hallucinogens John Strang and Harry Shapiro  13. Cocaine and the Amphetamines Marian W. Fischman and Richard W. Foltin  14. Benzodiazapine Withdrawl Malcolm Lader  15. Tobacco Smoking: An Everyday Drug Addiction Martin J. Jarvis  16. Volatile Substance Abuse R.J. Flanagan, T.J. Meredith and J.D. Ramsey  17. Pathological Gambling: Addiction without a Drug Sheila B. Blume  Section 3: Health Risks and the Addictions  18. Disease and Death caused by Tobacco Addiction Keith Ball  19. Physical Complications of Drug Abuse Michael Farrell  20. AIDS and Drug Use: ‘To Shun the Heaven that Leads Man to this Hell’ Alex Wodak  21. Physical Complications of Alcohol Abuse John B. Saunders  22. Alcoholic Brain Damage Michael D. Kopelman  23. Alcohol and Mental Illness: Cause or Effect? Ilana Belle Glass and Jane Marshall  24. Adolescence: the Genesis of Addiction Harry Zeitlin and Harith Swadi  25. Why Women Need their Own Services Jo Coupe  26. What about the Elderly? Peter Crome  Section 4: Screening and Detection  27. The Process of Help-Seeking in Drug and Alcohol Misusers Margaret Sheehan  28. Screening and Early Detection of Alcohol Problems Morris Bernadt  29. Tell Me about the Client: History-Taking and Formulating the Case Ilana Belle Glass, Michael Farrell and Petr Hajek  Section 5: Therapeutic Skills  30. Detoxification and Pharmacotherapy: Alcohol John Peachey  31. Detoxification and Pharmacotherapy and Maintenance: Drugs J.S. Madden  32. Behavioural Treatments for Alcohol Problems D. Adrian Wilkinson and Martha Sanchez-Craig  33. Behaviour Therapy of Drug Dependence Charles P. O’Brien and Anna Rose Childress  34. An Alternative to Psychotherapy George Vaillant  35. Individual Therapy with Drug Takers: Getting Started D. Colin Drummond  36. Group Psychotherapy for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts W. Falkowski  37. Family Therapy for Alcohol Problems Ian Bennun  38. Self-Help Groups Brian Wells  39. Therapeutic Communities Mitchell S. Rosenthal  40. Treatments for Smokers Petr Hajek  41. Protecting your Assets: Caring for the Therapist Cheryl Brown and Deborah Brooke  Section 6: Services  42. Service Development and Organization: Alcohol Bruce Ritson  43. Service Development and Organization: Drugs John Strang  Section 7: Prevention and Policy  44. The Crimes Connection: Alcohol P.T. d’Orban  45. Drug Use and Criminal Behaviour Trevor Bennett  46. Interventions in the Workplace James McEwen  47. What Does a National Alcohol Policy Look Like? Joy Moser  48. The Anti-Smoking Movement: National and International David Simpson  49. The World Health Organization Marcus Grant and Margaret Weir  Section 8: Training  50. Professional Training in Substance Abuse: the UK Experience Ilana Belle Glass and John Strang  51. Teaching Research Skills Griffith Edwards.  Appendix: Training Resources Ilana Belle Glass.  Name Index.  Subject Index.

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