The International Hospitality Business : Management and Operations book cover
1st Edition

The International Hospitality Business
Management and Operations

ISBN 9781138997929
Published August 26, 2016 by Routledge
420 Pages

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Book Description

International Hospitality Business: Management and Operations will introduce hospitality managers to the most up-to-date developments in hospitality to prepare you for the rapidly changing world of international hospitality. This book is a compilation of the most current research in global operations. It examines new developments, new management concepts, and new corporate mergers. International Hospitality Business analyzes and discusses the complexity of the political, economic, financial, commercial, and cultural environment within which international business takes place to help you become a productive global manager.

Through International Hospitality Business, you will learn how an effective global hospitality manager must have a broad trans-disciplinary perspective that includes studies in politics, culture, and geography to better prepare for the complexity of international operations. Expand your knowledge of how to deal with the issues that confront hospitality firms and managers in international development and operations by:

  • understanding the great demand for competent managers to oversee operations in foreign countries because of the explosive growth of the international hospitality industry
  • exploring the complex issues faced by hospitality managers when they are assigned to work overseas
  • gaining insight into international hospitality firms’policies regarding developmental strategy, organizational structure, marketing, finance, accounting, and human resource management
  • recognizing the international hospitality industry as an integral part of the service import and export business to help students gain a better understanding of managerial roles

    With The International Hospitality Business, you will examine world travel patterns, major hotel chains, and foodservice companies in different regions of the world to expand your knowledge and help you face the dynamic changing world of international hospitality. While this volume provides you with important, comprehensive knowledge that will help you manage the your overseas hospitality operations in a way that keeps the most important person in any business--the customer--contented.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface

  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I: An Overview of the International Hospitality Industry
  • Chapter 1: The Hospitality Industry As an International Business
  • The Hospitality Industry As an International Business
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • International Business
  • Shift Toward Service Industry
  • The Hospitality Industry as a Service Export
  • Service Industry Earnings
  • International Travel and Hospitality
  • Motivations for Global Expansion
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: Euro Disney Resort
  • Chapter 2: The Geography of International Hospitality Development
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Geographic Location and World Time
  • Absolute Location and Relative Location
  • World Regions
  • World Regional Travel and Hospitality Patterns
  • Most Internationalized Hotel Companies
  • Major International Food Service Companies
  • Regional Expansion and Competition
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: McDonald’s Global Expansion Formula
  • Part II: Differences in Cultural, Political, and Economic Systems
  • Chapter 3: Cultural Environment
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Defining Culture
  • Cultural Values and Norms
  • Cultural Values and Their Influence on Management
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Cultural Generalization
  • Learning Culture
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: Cultural Diversity at Nikko Hotels International
  • Chapter 4: Political Systems
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Differences in Political Systems
  • International Relations Among National Governments
  • National Tourism Policy
  • Politics and Business Ethics
  • Nationalism
  • Political Risk Assessment
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: Sonesta International Hotels --Responding to a Crisis
  • Chapter 5: Economic Systems
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Different Economic Systems
  • Level of Economic Development
  • Useful Economic Data
  • Assessing Economic Risk
  • Economic Dimension of Tourism and Hospitality
  • Economic Policies on Hospitality Development
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: The Change of Goverment Policy on Expatriate Hotel Managers in Indonesia
  • Part III: Organizational Structures and Development Strategies
  • Chapter 6: Market Entry Choice and Organizational Development
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Market Entry Choices
  • Hospitality Organizational Structures
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: Franchising --A Market Entry Choice Used by Choice Hotels International in the Early 1990’s
  • Chapter 7: Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Hotel Development Plan
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Hotel Design
  • Hotel Construction
  • The Trend of Ecoresort Development
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: Ecoresort --Dollars, Sense, and Environment
  • Part IV: Hospitality Management Functions
  • Chapter 8: Legal Environment
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Major Legal Systems
  • International Laws and Organizations
  • Case Study: The Use of the Conrad Hilton Name
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: Raymond Dayan v. McDonald’s Corporation
  • Chapter 9: Financial Management
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • The Foreign Exchange Market
  • Other Foreign Exchange Contracts
  • Currency Convertibility
  • Foreign Exchange Restrictions by Government
  • International Financial Markets
  • Foreign Exchange Exposures
  • Managing Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Summary
  • Study Questions
  • Case Study: The Impact of Rupiah Devaluation on International Hotel Operations in Indonesia
  • Chapter 10: International Accounting and Taxation
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • International Accounting
  • General A

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