1st Edition

The International Impact of the Boer War

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ISBN 9781902683195
Published June 30, 2001 by Routledge
256 Pages


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Book Description

Although much has been written about the conduct of the war in South Africa, very little has been written about how it was regarded on the world stage by powers both great and small. This collection of specially commissioned essays seeks for the first time to put the Boer War (1899-1902) in its international context. Each of the core chapters focuses on the perspective of one country (France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, and the United States) and assesses the extent to which each national government tried to capitalize on Britain's embarrassment and distraction while often entangled in imperialist ventures of their own. The anglophobia of many of the nations' press, the activities of pro-Boer organizations, and the shaping of public and parliamentary opinion are examined alongside the real politics and diplomatic considerations that took precedence. In addition, there are summation chapters that examine both the origins of the war and its legacy for Britain's expansionist ambitions. Together these essays present the latest findings on a watershed in international relations that heralded substantive changes of attitude and policy on the part of national governments towards their dependencies and had far-reaching consequences for alliance systems and the international balance of power at the start of the twentieth century.

Table of Contents

Notes on the contributors Maps Introduction Wolfgang J. Mommsen 1. The Origins of the Boer War Peter Henshaw 2. Imperial Germany and the Boer War Martin Kroger 3. Russian Foreign Policy and the Boer War Derek Spring 4. French Foreign Policy and the Boer War Pascal Venier 5. Austria-Hungary and the Boer War F. R. Bridge 6. Italy and the Boer War Giles Ferragu 7. The United States and the Boer War William N. Tilchin 8. The Netherlands and the Boer War Martin Bossenbroek 9. Portugal and the Boer War Pedro Lains & Fernando Costa 10. The Boer War in the Context of Britain's Imperial Problems Keith Wilson 11. The British in Delagoa Bay in the Aftermath of the Boer War Sandra Ferreira 12. Colmar Freiherr von der Goltz and the Boer War Feroz Yasamee Index

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Keith Wilson is Professor of International Politics at the University of Leeds.