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The International Library of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process

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Object Relations, The Self and the Group

Object Relations, The Self and the Group

1st Edition

By Charles Ashbach, Victor L. Schermer
October 14, 1994

This established text presents a framework for integrating group psychology with psychoanalytic theories of object relations, the ego and the self, through the perspective of general systems theory. It defines and discusses key constructs in each of the fields and illustrates them with practical ...

Personal Transformations in Small Groups A Jungian Perspective

Personal Transformations in Small Groups: A Jungian Perspective

1st Edition

By Robert D. Boyd
September 22, 1994

The theoretical propositions of analytical psychology are difficult to verify and usually rest on the empirical evidence of reported case material. In this book, Robert D. Boyd and his colleagues break new ground by subjecting case material to a rigorous analysis in their report of a research ...

Memorial Candles: Children of the Holocaust

Memorial Candles: Children of the Holocaust

1st Edition

By Dina Wardi
April 22, 1992

As the children of the Holocaust reach adulthood, they often need professional help in establishing a new identity and self-esteem. During their childhood their parents have unconsciously transmitted to them much of their own trauma, investing them with all their memories and hopes, so that they ...

Ring of Fire Primitive affects and object relations in group Psychotherapy

Ring of Fire: Primitive affects and object relations in group Psychotherapy

1st Edition

Edited By Malcolm Pines, Victor Schermer
July 12, 1994

The ring of fire stands for the life cycle of both the universe and each individual being: the circular dance of nature in the eternal process of creation and destruction. At the same time, the light radiated by the ring of flames symbolizes eternal wisdom and transcendental illumination....

The Third Eye Supervision of Analytic Groups

The Third Eye: Supervision of Analytic Groups

1st Edition

By Meg Sharpe
December 22, 1994

The Third Eye provides a detailed and practical exposition of one of the most important but least documented skills required of those practising in the expanding discipline of group analysis. The relevance of the material, which is contributed from the dual perspective of both experienced ...

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