1st Edition

The International Politics of Eurasia: v. 10: The International Dimension of Post-communist Transitions in Russia and the New States of Eurasia

By S. Frederick Starr, Karen Dawisha Copyright 1997

    First Published in 2015. This book is the last in a series of ten volumes produced by the Russian Littoral Project. This volume shapes the view that despite the dramatic growth of high-quality Western scholarship on post-Soviet developments, the interaction between external influences and trends in Russia and the other post-Soviet countries has not received systematic analysis. The influence of outside actors on post-Soviet affairs is poorly understood.

    Preface; Chapter 1 The Impact of the International Environment, George W. Breslauer; Chapter 2 Western Efforts to Shape Post-Soviet Behavior, Raymond L. Garthoff; Chapter 3 The Transformation of Russian Foreign Policy, Alvin Z. Rubinstein; Chapter 4 Russia and Security in Europe, Michael MccGwire; Chapter 5 Conflict Resolution and Peace Operations in the Former Soviet Union, Celeste A. Wallander; Chapter 6 The Roots of American Goals for Eurasia, George H. Quester; Chapter 7 China, Japan, and the Post-Soviet Upheaval, Gilbert Rozman; Chapter 8 The Role of Turkey and Iran in Incorporating the Former Soviet Republics into the World System, Kemal H. Karpat; Chapter 9 Germany and the Post-Soviet States, Angela Stent; Chapter 10 German and American Assistance to the Post-Soviet Transition, Peter Dombrowski; Chapter 11 The Economic Transformation Process in the Post-Soviet States, Gertrude Schroeder; Chapter 12 External Finance, Policy Conditionalities, and Transition from Central Planning, Bartlomiej Kaminski, Zhen Kun Wang; Chapter 13 Neoliberal Economic Reform and the Consolidation of Democracy in Russia, Yitzhak M. Brudny; Chapter 14 Bringing the Rule of Law to Russia and the Newly Independent States, Robert Sharlet; Chapter 15 U.S. Assistance to the Newly Independent States, Nancy Lubin; Chapter 16 The Role of External Assistance on Environmental and Health Policies in Russia, Murray Feshbach; Chapter 17 The Interaction Between Internal and External Agency in Post-Communist Transitions, Karen Dawisha, Michael Turner; Appendix: Project Part icipants; Chapter -bm1 Cumulative List of Part icipants;


    S. Frederick Starr, Karen Dawisha