1st Edition

The International Politics of Eurasia: v. 4: The Making of Foreign Policy in Russia and the New States of Eurasia

By S. Frederick Starr, Karen Dawisha Copyright 1995

    First Published in 2015. The chapters in this text examine the foreign policies of Russia and other selected states of the former Soviet Union. Each chapter analyses the conduct of foreign policy with the context of each state's unique situation. While the authors look at different countries and subregions and analyse various policy factors and imperatives, they all tend to agree that at present no other power has more direct and substantial impact on the foreign policies and international relations of the region than Russia.

    Preface; Chapter 1 Introduction, Adeed Dawisha; Part 1 Russia; Chapter 2 Priorities of Russia’s Foreign Policy and the Way It Works, Nodari A. Simonia; Chapter 3 Structure, Institutions, and Process, Jeffrey Checkel; Chapter 4 Russia’s Far Eastern Policy in the 1990s, Andrew A. Bouchkin; Chapter 5 The Near Abroad, the West, and National Identity in Russian Foreign Policy, Jonathan Valdez; Part 2 The Western Newly Independent States; Chapter 6 Ukraine in the New Geopolitical Environment, Nikolai A. Kulinich; Chapter 7 Belarus’s Foreign Policy Priorities and the Decision-Making Process, Vyacheslau E. Paznyak; Chapter 8 Dimensions and Orientations in the Foreign and Security Policies of the Baltic States, Peeter Vares; Part 3 The Southern Newly Independent States; Chapter 9 The Sociopolitical Environment Conditioning the Foreign Policy of the Central Asian States, Kemal H. Karpat; Chapter 10 Regional and Global Powers and the International Relations of Central Asia, Mohiaddin Mesbahi; Chapter 11 Emerging Patterns in the International Relations of Central Asia, Mark N. Katz; Chapter 12 The Institutions and Conduct of the Foreign Policy of Postcommunist Kazakhstan, Oumirseric Kasenov; Chapter 13 The Institutions, Orientations, and Conduct of Foreign Policy in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, Leila Alieva; Chapter 14 Armenia’s Foreign Policy, Rouben Paul Adalian; Chapter 15 Conclusion, Karen Dawisha Appendix: Project Part icipants;


    S. Frederick Starr, Karen Dawisha