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1st Edition

The International Politics of Space

By Michael Sheehan Copyright 2008
    ISBN 9780415399173
    248 Pages
    Published December 27, 2007 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415398077
    248 Pages
    Published December 17, 2007 by Routledge

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    The year 2007 saw the fiftieth anniversary of the Space Age, which began with the launching of Sputnik by the Soviet Union in October 1957. Space is crucial to the politics of the postmodern world. It has seen competition and cooperation in the past fifty years, and is in danger of becoming a battlefield in the next fifty. The International Politics of Space is the first book to bring these crucial themes together and provide a clear and vital picture of how politically important space has become, and what its exploitation might mean for all our futures.

    Michael Sheehan analyzes the space programmes of the United States, Russia, China, India and the European Space Agency, and explains how central space has become to issues of war and peace, international law, justice and international development, and cooperation between the worlds leading states. It highlights the significance of China and India’s commitment to space, and explains how the theories and concepts we use to describe and explain space are fundamental to the possibility of avoiding conflict in space in the future.

    Introduction  1. Perceptions of Space and International Theory  2. Propaganda and National Interest: Scientific Socialism and the Soviet Space Programme, 1957-69  3. The New Frontier: US Space Policy, 1957-72  4. International Cooperation in Space  5. European Integration and Space  6. Space as a Force Multiplier  7. Space Control  8. Space, Justice and International Development  9. India: Security through Space  10. China: The Long March into Space  11. Cooperation and Competition in the Post-Cold War Era


    Michael Sheehan is Professor of International Relations, University of Wales Swansea; Director of the Callaghan Centre for the Study of Conflict, and also Programme Director of the Centre’s Space Policy Programme. He has taught courses on the international politics of space for the past twenty years, and is the author of numerous books including: International Security: An Analytical Survey; National and International Security; The Balance of Power: History and Theory (also published by Routledge); Arms Control: Theory and Practice; and The Arms Race.

    Recommended by CHOICE (Sept 2008 Vol. 46 No. 1)

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