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The International Psychoanalytical Association Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications Series

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The aim of the The International Psychoanalytical Association Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications Series is to focus on the scientific production of significant authors whose works are outstanding contributions to the development of the psychoanalytic field and to set out relevant ideas and themes, generated during the history of psychoanalysis, that deserve to be discussed by present psychoanalysts.

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The Sound of the Unconscious Psychoanalysis as Music

The Sound of the Unconscious: Psychoanalysis as Music

1st Edition

By Ludovica Grassi
June 01, 2021

In this book, Ludovica Grassi explores the importance of music in psychoanalysis, arguing that music is a basic working tool for psyche, as words are composed of sound, rhythm and intonation more than lexical meaning. Starting from ethnomusicological, evolutionary, neurodevelopmental, ...

Change Through Time in Psychoanalysis Transformations and Interventions, The Three Level Model

Change Through Time in Psychoanalysis: Transformations and Interventions, The Three Level Model

1st Edition

Edited By Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly, Marina Altmann de Litvan, Ricardo Bernardi
April 19, 2021

Change Through Time in Psychoanalysis presents a new stage of the work done through the IPA Committee on Clinical Observation between 2014 and 2020—the advances in our method, the Three Level Model (3-LM), and our clinical thinking. In this new volume, ideas on observational research, clinical ...

Art in Psychoanalysis A Contemporary Approach to Creativity and Analytic Practice

Art in Psychoanalysis: A Contemporary Approach to Creativity and Analytic Practice

1st Edition

By Gabriela Goldstein
June 01, 2013

A revolution is brewing in psychoanalysis: after a century of struggle to define psychoanalysis as a science, the concept of psychoanalysis as an art is finding expression in an unconventional 'return to Freud' that reformulates the relationship between art and psychoanalysis and in this process, ...

Psychoanalytic Reflections on Writing, Cinema and the Arts Facing Beauty and Loss

Psychoanalytic Reflections on Writing, Cinema and the Arts: Facing Beauty and Loss

1st Edition

By Paola Golinelli
December 31, 2020

"Why are we so fascinated by beauty?" is a question many of us have asked ourselves, as have many who came before us. This book investigates the moment of ecstatic solitude in which everyone can experience emotions through films, works of art or natural phenomenon, when, even if for a "magic" ...

Narcissistic Fantasies in Film and Fiction Masters of the Universe

Narcissistic Fantasies in Film and Fiction: Masters of the Universe

1st Edition

By Ilany Kogan
April 14, 2020

This book has grown from a belief that the psychoanalytic exploration of literature and performances leads to a richer and fuller understanding of each individual’s internal reality. It includes an exploration of narcissistic fantasies from various protagonists of film and novels and focuses on the...

The Female Body Inside and Outside

The Female Body: Inside and Outside

1st Edition

Edited By Ingrid Moeslein-Teising, Frances Thomson-Salo
May 01, 2013

This book gathers together a number of cutting edge contributions about the female body, inside and out, from a large group of psychoanalysts who are at the forefront of new thinking about issues of femininity, the female body, sex and gender. It explores the female body in art, in pregnancy and ...

Psychoanalytic Work with Families and Couples Clinical Perspectives on Suffering

Psychoanalytic Work with Families and Couples: Clinical Perspectives on Suffering

1st Edition

By Susana Kuras Mauer, Sara Moscona, Silvia Resnizky
October 15, 2019

Psychoanalytic Work with Families and Couples rethinks the ways in which conflicts present today in psychoanalytic consulting rooms and the nature of suffering in family, couple, and sibling bonds. Based on two major concepts, that of device (drawn from the philosophers Foucault, Deleuze, and ...

Death and Identity

Death and Identity

1st Edition

By Michel de M'Uzan
July 15, 2013

Michel de M'Uzan has derived several innovative notions from his clinical experience that are relevant not only for the psychoanalyst's status of identity, which is sometimes dramatically shaken by his or her patient's unconscious, but also for the artist who is deeply destabilized by his act of ...

Psychopathology of Work Clinical Observations

Psychopathology of Work: Clinical Observations

1st Edition

By Christophe Dejours
June 09, 2015

This book examines the processes at issue in the onset of psychiatric disorders linked to stress in the workplace. Six clinical observations are presented: an acute psychosomatic decompensation (status asthmaticus); a delirious episode; a dementia-like confusional state; a sexuality disorder; two ...

The Analyzing Situation

The Analyzing Situation

1st Edition

By Jean-Luc Donnet
December 31, 2009

In this book the author explores the particularities of the status of the method in psychoanalysis, linked to the specificity of unconscious psychic processes. If the method aims at ensuring a level of technical mastery, it must also make sure that analytic treatment does not become an 'application...

The Future of Psychoanalysis The Debate About the Training Analyst System

The Future of Psychoanalysis: The Debate About the Training Analyst System

1st Edition

By Peter Zagermann
November 08, 2016

This book is concerned with the question of what psychoanalytic training should look like today. Should we go on with the system that has developed over time? Or should we abandon it, and if so, for which reasons? It provides a detailed and compelling account of the ongoing, sometimes heated, ...

Theory of Psychoanalytical Practice A Relational Process Approach

Theory of Psychoanalytical Practice: A Relational Process Approach

1st Edition

By Juan Tubert-Oklander
June 01, 2013

This book makes an original contribution to the study of the psychoanalytic process from a relational point of view, and at the same time serves as a textbook on the theory of technique. It provides a general exposition of the theory of psychoanalytic practice from a process perspective that ...

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