1st Edition

The International Relations of Japan and South East Asia Forging a New Regionalism

By Sueo Sudo Copyright 2002

    The International Relations of Japan and South East Asia asks three main questions: how and when has a new South East Asian regionalism been set in motion? what is the nature of Japanese leadership and networking in maintaining and promoting that new regionalism?; and, given the current economic and political crisis, what will happen to regionalism in the future?
    This work is an invaluable resource for students and scholars as it gives a complete overview of Japanese foreign policy and Japan-South East Asian relations.

    1. Introduction: Japanese Foreign Relations and South East Asia  2. The Nurturing of a New Regionalism in South East Asia: ASEAN-PMC and Japan  3. Japan's Dynamic Foreign Policy Toward South East Asia: Three Doctrines  4. Japan's Economic Networking: ODA as an Active Foreign Policy  5. Japan's Political Networking: in Search of a Security Role  6. Moulding a New Regionalism in East Asia: Japanese Leadership in the 1990s  7. Conclusion: Whither Japan-South East Asian Relations?


    Sueo Sudo is Professor in the Faculty of Policy Studies at Nanzan University, Japan. His publications include. The Fukuda Doctrine and ASEAN and A Framework of South East Asian International Relations.