1st Edition

The Inuit World

Edited By Pamela Stern Copyright 2022
    464 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    464 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Inuit World is a robust and holistic reference source to contemporary Inuit life from the intimate world of the household to the global stage. Organized around the themes of physical worlds, moral, spiritual and intellectual worlds, intimate and everyday worlds, and social and political worlds, this book includes ethnographically rich contributions from a range of scholars, including Inuit and other Indigenous authors. The book considers regional, social, and cultural differences as well as the shared histories and common cultural practices that allow us to recognize Inuit as a single, distinct Indigenous people. The chapters demonstrate both the historical continuity of Inuit culture and the dynamic ways that Inuit people have responded to changing social, environmental, political, and economic conditions. Chapter topics include ancestral landscapes, tourism and archaeology, resource extraction and climate change, environmental activism, and women’s leadership.

    This book is an invaluable resource for students and researchers in anthropology, Indigenous studies, and Arctic studies and those in related fields including geography, history, sociology, political science, and education.

    Inuit Worlds: An Introduction – Pamela Stern

    Part 1: Placing Inuit Worlds

    1. Ancestral Landscapes: Archaeology and Long Term Inuit History

    Max Friesen

    2. Enduring Social Communities of the Inuvialuit: From the Yukon North Slope to the Circumpolar Stage

    Natasha Lyons, Lisa Hodgetts, Mervin Joe, Ashley Piskor, Renie Arey, David Stewart, Jason Lau, Rebecca Goodwin, Walter Bennett, Cassidy Lennie-Ipana, Mataya Gillis, Hayven Elanik, Angelina Joe, and Starr Elanik

    3. Tourism and Archaeology in Nunatsiavut

    Lisa Rankin, Laura Kelvin, Marjorie Flowers, and Charlotte Wolfrey

    4. Nipivut and the Restorying of Inuit Life in Montreal

    Mark K. Watson, Stephen Puskas, Christopher Fletcher, Donna Patrick, and Sara Breitkreutz

    5. Urban Inuit in Canada: A Case Study of Ottawa

    Donna Patrick, Marika Morris and Qauyisaq Etitiq

    6. Building Booms and Shipping Container Housing: Geographies of Urbanization and Homelessness in Nuuk, Greenland

    Julia Christensen and Steven Arnfjord

    Part 2: Moral, Spiritual, and Intellectual Worlds

    7. Resource Exploration and Extraordinary Happenings in Greenland’s Coastal Northwest

    Mark Nuttall

    8. Changing Times for People and Polar Bears

    Nina H.S. Lund

    9. Speaking the Inuit language in the 2020s

    Louis-Jacques Dorais

    10. Inuit Bilingual Education

    Shelley Tulloch

    11. Literacy and Christianity in Greenland

    Flemming A. J. Nielsen

    12. Social intersections of Inuit and biomedical models of health

    Christopher Fletcher

    Part 3: Intimate and Everyday Worlds

    13. Real Northern Men: Performing Masculinity and Culture in Ulukhaktok, Canada

    Peter Collings

    14. Keeping Busy in Savissivik: Women and Work in Northwest Greenland

    Janne Flora, Kirsten Hastrup, and Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen

    15. "I Don´t Even Sew for Myself Anymore": The Role of Sewing in a Northern Inuit Economy

    Tristan D. Pearce and Kristin Emanuelsen

    16. "We are Starving for Our Food": Country Food (In)Security in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

    Cahley Tod-Tims and Pamela Stern

    17. Social Relations among Inuit: Tuqluraqtuq and Ilagiit

    Christopher G. Trott

    Part 4: Social and Political Worlds

    18. Indigenous Westphalian Sovereignty? Decolonization, Secession and Indigenous Rights in Greenland

    Rauna Kuokkanen

    19. Inuit Nunangat: The Development of a Common Inuit Territorial and Policy Space in Canada

    Nadine Fabbi and Gary Wilson

    20. Energy Extraction, Resistance, and Political Change in Inuit Nunangat

    Warren Bernauer and Jonathan Peyton

    21. Aksunai (Be Strong): Inuit Women's Leadership in Labrador

    Andrea Procter, Peggy Andersen, Beverly Hunter, and Tracy Ann Evans-Rice

    22. Challenges for Greenland’s Social Policies: How We Meet the Call for Social and Political Awareness

    Steven Arnfjord

    23. Re-claiming Inuit Governance and Revitalizing Autonomy in NunatuKavut

    Amy Hudson

    24. The Predicament of Sustainability: Solutions in Greenland

    Frank Sejersen

    Afterword – Peter Schweitzer


    Pamela Stern is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University, Canada.