1st Edition

The Iran-Iraq War (RLE Iran A)

By M. EL-Azhary Copyright 1984

    The Iran-Iraq war broke out in September 1980. It brought death and suffering to hundreds of thousands of people on both sides and devastated the economies of both countries. It also increased international tensions by precipitating new alliances and rearrangement of forces in the already turbulent Middle East. The focus of this book is on the historical, economic and political dimensions of the war between Iraq and Iran. It examines many aspects of what proved to be a very complex conflict; including its long history, its present economic and political setting, the different responses to the war by outside parties and its regional and world implications.

    1. Introduction M. S. El Azhary  2. The Historical Antecedents of the Shatt al-Arab Dispute Peter Hünseler  3. Arab Sovereignty over the Shatt al-Arab during the Ka’bide Period Mustafa al-Najjar and Najdat Fathi Safwat  4. Oil and the Iran-Iraq War David E. Long  5. Economic and Political Implications of the War: The Economic Consequences for the Participants John Townsend  6. Development Strategy in Iraq and the War Effort: The Dynamics of Challenge Basil al-Bustany  7. The Attitudes of the Arab Governments towards the Gulf War G. H. Jansen  8. The Attitudes of the Superpowers towards the Gulf War M. S .El Azhary  9. Regional and Worldwide Implications of the Gulf War John Duke Anthony  10. The Prospects for Peace Glen Balfour Paul  Notes on contributors.  Index.


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