2nd Edition

The Israel/Palestine Question A Reader

Edited By Ilan Pappé Copyright 2007
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this second edition of The Israel/Palestine Question, Ilan Pappé showcases some of the most recent areas of scholarly interest in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Including only works which challenge previous conceptions and paradigms, Ilan Pappé emphasizes a number of recent developments in the conventional historiography.

    All the chapters in this edition are written by Israeli or Palestinian scholars, illustrating how much the desire to revisit the history of the conflict comes from historians belonging to the conflicting parties. The book also presents work influenced by wider historiographical developments, for instance the current interdisciplinary drive, as well as a sceptical view of elite historical narratives and the rise of non-elite history.

    This edition includes:

    • revisionist views on the formation of Palestine
    • revised sections on the history of the 1948 war and the experiences of Palestinians in Israel
    • a new section on women’s history.

    With a fully updated introduction, Ilan Pappé's timely anthology is a stimulating guide to the complex history and politics of the Middle East.

    1. Introduction: New Historiographical Orientation in the Research on the Palestine Question Ilan Pappé  Part 1: The History of Palestine Rediscovered  2. Rediscovering Ottoman Palestine: Writing Palestinians into History Beshara B. Doumani  3. The Rise of the Sanjak of Jerusalem in the Late Nineteenth Century Butrus Abu-Manneh  Part 2: The Origins of Zionism in Palestine Reconsidered  4. The Colonization Perspective in Israeli Sociology Uri Ram  5. Zionism and Colonialism: A Comparative Approach Gershon Shafir  Part 3: The New History of 1948  6. Revisiting the UNGA Partition Resolution Walid Khalidi  7. Historical Truth, Modern Historiography, and Ethical Obligations: The Challenge of the Tantura Case  Ilan Pappé  8. The Debate about 1948 Avi Shlaim  Part 4:  Women's History  9. Minor Marriages and Khiyar Al-Bulugh in Ottoman Palestine: A Note on Women's Strategies in a Patriarchal Society Mahmoud Yazbak  10. From Salons to the Popular Committees: Palestinian Women, 1919–89 Islad Jad  Part 5: The Palestinians in Israel  11. Crime and Legal Control The Israeli Arab Population during the Military Government Period  (1948–66) Alina Korn  12. Palestinian in Israel Under the Israeli 'Ethnocratic' Regime As’ad Ghanem  13. Present Absentees and Indigenous Resistance Nur Masalha


    Ilan Pappé is a senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science, at the University of Haifa. His publications include Britain and the Arab–Israeli Conflict (1988), The Making of the Arab–Israeli Conflict, 1947–51 (1994),  History of Modern Palestine (2003) and The Modern Middle East (Routledge, 2005).