1st Edition

The Japanese Economy in the Tokugawa Era, 1600-1868

Edited By Michael Smitka Copyright 1998

    Makes Japanese sources accessible in English Although much of the work on Japanese economic history is inaccessible to Westerners, many of Japan's leading economic historians have published widely in English. Combined with the work of Western economists who can utilize Japanese-language sources, this series assembles a wide range of English-language articles on the key issues in Japanese economic development. Individual volumes cover the interwar period, postwar reconstruction and growth, the textile industry, demographics, agriculture, trade, and the rise of commerce and protoindustry in the Tokugawa era. An information-packed classroom and research resource An introductory essay in each volume discusses the significance of the articles, compares various economic development in Japan with those in other countries, and puts studies in the context of similar studies in Europe. A versatile research resource, this 7-volume set is a veritable gold mine of hard-to-find information and data from diverse sources and a godsend to everyone interested in comparative economic and social history. Professors will appreciate the collection because it gives them instant access to less familiar English-language sources and is an easy way to introduce students to doing their own research. Students will appreciate the many articles as a mother lode of information for reports and papers. Researchers will be pleased by the coverage of more than three centuries of Japanese history and life.

    Introduction, The Tokugawa Monetary System: 1787-1868, The Village and Agriculture During the Edo Period, Population Changes, Proto-Industrial Origins of Japanese Capitalism, Commercial Change and Urban Growth in Early Modern Japan, The Economy of Choshu on the Eve of Industrialization, Productivity, Subsistence, and By-Employment in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Choshu, The Tokugawa Monetary Policy in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, The Labor Market in Tokugawa Japan: Wage Differentials and the Real Wage Level, 1727-1830, Scenes of Japan's Economic Development and the 'Longue Duree', Forwards and Futures in Tokugawa-Period Japan: A New Perspective on the Dojima Rice Market, Both a Borrower and a Lender Be: From Village Moneylender to Rural Banker in the Tempo Era, Acknowledgments


    Michael Smitka