1st Edition

The Jews of Bielorussia During World War II

By Shalom Cholawsky Copyright 1998

    First Published in 1998. This study fills a gap in the history of the fate of the Jews in Bielorussia during the Holocaust. The ghettos of Bielorussia were populated by a vibrant Jewish community, with its own particular traditions, its own unique characteristics justifying our detailed examination of its fate. In general, it may be said that every region, both in Eastern Europe and in other parts of the continent, differed from its neighbors.

    Introduction Chapter 1 The Jews of Bielorussia under Soviet Rule: 1939-1941 Chapter 2 Operation Barbarossa: Nazi Preparations to Deal with the Jewish Population in the Occupied Territories to the East Chapter 3 Nazi Policies in Western Bielorussia Chapter 4 The Waves of Murder in Western Bielorussia Chapter 5 The First Series of Aktzias Chapter 6 Beginnings of the Underground Chapter 7 The Underground in Battle Chapter 8 The Resistance Chapter 9 Revolt in the Ghetto Chapter 10 Revolt in the Ghettos without Undergrounds Chapter 11 Escape from the Ghetto Chapter 12 On a Mission of Rescue and Revenge Chapter 13 Underground and Judenrat Chapter 14 The Non-Jewish Population’s Attitude Towards the Jews During the Holocaust Chapter 15 Conclusion


    Shalom Cholawsky, Ein Hashofet, Israel