1st Edition

The Jews of Denmark in the Holocaust Life and Death in Theresienstadt Ghetto

By Silvia Tarabini Fracapane Copyright 2021
    434 Pages
    by Routledge

    434 Pages
    by Routledge

    Based on never previously explored personal accounts and archival documentation, this book examines life and death in the Theresienstadt ghetto, seen through the eyes of the Jewish victims from Denmark.

    "How was it in Theresienstadt?" Thus asked Johan Grün rhetorically when he, in July 1945, published a short text about his experiences. The successful flight of the majority of Danish Jewry in October 1943 is a well-known episode of the Holocaust, but the experience of the 470 men, women, and children that were deported to the ghetto has seldom been the object of scholarly interest. Providing an overview of the Judenaktion in Denmark and the subsequent deportations, the book sheds light on the fate of those who were arrested. Through a micro-historical analysis of everyday life, it describes various aspects of social and daily life in proximity to death. In doing so, the volume illuminates the diversity of individual situations and conveys the deportees’ perceptions and striving for survival and ‘normality’.

    Offering a multi-perspective and international approach that places the case of Denmark into the broader Jewish experience during the Holocaust, this book is invaluable for researchers of Jewish studies, Holocaust and genocide studies, and the history of modern Denmark.

    1. The Jews in Denmark on the Eve of the ‘Judenaktion’  2. The ‘Judenaktion’  3. Ghetto Theresienstadt and the Arrival of the Danish Transports  4. Housing and Work for Adults and Children  5. Relationships Inside and Outside the National Group  6. Everyday Life  7. Despair, Disease and Death  8. Shipments of Parcels  9. Danish Parcels Seen from the Ghetto  10. The Visit of the International Delegation, June 23, 1944  11. After the Visit  12. Witnessing the Transports  13. The Last Months in Theresienstadt  14. Life After the Ghetto


    Silvia Goldbaum Tarabini Fracapane holds a PhD in Modern History from Technical University Berlin, and a MA in Comparative Literature from University of Copenhagen.

    "The Jews of Denmark in the Holocaust is a masterpiece not just about the fate of the Danish Jews under WWII but also about the ghettos in the Holocaust. One must hope that the book will soon be translated into Danish so it can get a large public here." - Weekendavisen