1st Edition

The Joan Robinson Legacy

By Ingrid H. Rima Copyright 1991

    First Published in 1991. The undertakings within this book are testimony to the professional legacy Joan Robinson left behind. The contributors discuss her irreverence for established theory, her seemingly unquenchable zest for intellectual argument, doggedly pursued on the conviction that she was at least morally right, the sharpness of her wit, along with her occasionally unconventional mode of dress and her enjoyment of nature. This includes a biographical memoir and concludes with a bibliography of the writings of Robinson.

    Preface, Contributors, 1. Introduction, 2. Joan Robinson (1903-1983): A Biographical Memoir, 3. The Role of Values in the Economics of Joan Robinson, 4. Joan Robinson's Wrong Turning, 5. History versus Equilibrium: Joan Robinson and Time in Economics, 6. Mr. Harrod and the Classics, 7. History versus Equilibrium, 8. On the Generalization of the General Theory, 9. Joan Robinson: Journeys into Heterodoxy, 10. Value and Capital, Robinson Style, 11. Robinson's Classic Question Revisited: How to Measure Capital?, 12. Marx after Robinson: Production, Exchange, and Related Matters, 13. Joan Robinson's Post-Keynesianism, 14. The Quantity Theory and the Mark-up Equation, 15. Robinson and the Other Half of the Keynesian Revolution, 16. Robinson 's Dark Room: Investment in Post-Keynesian Growth Theory, 17. Technical Change, Profit, and Growth: Immanent Crisis and Rigorous Theory, 18. Joan Robinson: Why Not a Nobel Laureate?, 19. Bibliography: The Writings of Joan Robinson, Index


    Rima, Ingrid H.