1st Edition

The Kantian Mind

Edited By Sorin Baiasu, Mark Timmons Copyright 2023
    616 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The thought of Immanuel Kant is fundamental to understanding Western philosophy. Spanning epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and religion, the sheer scope and originality of Kant’s ideas have decisively shaped the history of modern philosophy.

    The Kantian Mind is an outstanding guide and reference source to Kant's thought and a major new publication in Kant scholarship. Comprising forty-five chapters by a stellar team of contributors, the collection is divided into four clear parts:

    • Background to the Critical Philosophy
    • Transcendental Philosophy (Critique and Doctrine)
    • Posthumous Writings and Lectures
    • Kant and Contemporary Kantians.

    In addition to coverage of Kant's main works, the volume contains chapters on a broad range of topics including Kant's views on logic, mathematics, the natural sciences, anthropology, religion, politics, and education. The concluding chapters cover the influence of Kant's thought on contemporary analytic and continental philosophy.

    Including suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, The Kantian Mind is essential reading for all students and scholars of Kant and contemporary Kantian thought. It will also be extremely helpful to those in related humanities and social sciences disciplines such as religion, history, politics, and literature.

    Introduction Sorin Baiasu and Mark Timmons

    1. Kant’s Life and Work Paul Guyer

    Part 1: Background to the Critical Philosophy

    2. Physics Martin Schönfeld

    3. Kant and the Rationalist Tradition Ralph Walker

    4. Kant and the Empiricist Tradition Wayne Waxman

    Part 2: Transcendental Philosophy (Critique and Doctrine)

    A. Critical Part

    i. Theoretical Philosophy

    5. The First Critique: Prefaces and Introductions Graham Bird

    6. Transcendental Aesthetic Sorin Baiasu

    7. The Analytic of Concepts Anil Gomes and Andrew Stephenson

    8. The Analytic of Principles Kenneth Westphal

    9. The Schematism Camilla Serck-Hanssen and Houston Smit

    10. The Transcendental Dialectic Michelle Grier

    11. Transcendental Doctrine of Method Marcus Willaschek and Gabriele Gava

    ii. Practical Philosophy

    12. The Groundwork Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

    13. The Second Critique: Preface and Introduction Valentin Muresan

    14. The Analytic of Pure Practical Reason Andrews Reath

    15. Dialectic of Pure Practical Reason Oliver Sensen

    16. Method of Pure Practical Reason Robert Johnson

    iii. Teleological Philosophy

    17. The Third Critique: Preface and Introductions Gabriele Tomasi

    18. Analytic of the Beautiful Fiona Hughes

    19. Analytic of the Sublime Alexander Rueger

    20. Dialectic of the Aesthetic Power of Judgement Tanehisa Otabe

    21. Analytic of Teleological Judgement Christian Onof and Dennis Schulting

    22. Teleological Power of Judgement - Dialectic Thomas Teufel

    23. Method of the Teleological Power of Judgement Ido Geiger

    B. Doctrinal Part

    i. Metaphysics of Morals

    24. ‘Introduction’ to the Metaphysics of Morals Otfried Höffe

    25. Doctrine of Right Howard Williams

    26. Doctrine of Virtue Mark Timmons

    ii. Religion

    27. Religion Stephen Palmquist

    28. Religion and Theology John Hare

    iii. History and Politics

    29. The Early Essays: Kant’s Idea of History Allen Wood

    30. The Later View: Kant on History and Politics Susan Shell

    iv. Anthropology

    31. Anthropology Robert Louden

    32. Kant on Universality and Accommodating Differences (Religious, Racial, Sexual, Gendered) Helga Varden

    v. Education

    33. Moral Education Felicitas Munzel

    vi. Logic, Mathematics and Natural Sciences

    34. Logic Huaping Lu Adler

    35. Mathematics Frode Kjosavik

    36. Physics Katherine Dunlop

    37. Biology Alix Cohen

    Part 3: Posthumous Writings and Lectures

    38. Opus Postumum Giovanni Pietro Basile

    39. Lectures Steve Naragon

    Part 4: Kant and Contemporary Kantians

    A. Theoretical Philosophy

    40. The ‘Continental’ Tradition Marguerite La Caze

    41. The ‘Analytic’ Tradition James O’Shea

    B. Practical Philosophy

    42. Kantian Philosophies of Hope, History and the Anthropocene Andrew Chignell

    43. Rawlsians and Other Kantians Alyssa Bernstein

    C. Teleological Philosophy

    44. Contemporary Kantian Philosophy of Art Kenneth Rogerson

    45. Contemporary Kantian Philosophy of Science Katharina Kraus.



    Sorin Baiasu is Professor of Philosophy at Keele University, UK. He is the author of Kant and Sartre (2011), and co-editor (with Mark Timmons) of Kant on Practical Justification (2013), and (with Alberto Vanzo) of Kant and the Continental Tradition (2020).

    Mark Timmons is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, USA. He is the author of Kant’s Doctrine of Virtue: A Guide (2021), and editor of Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals: Interpretative Essays (2002), and of the annual Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics.