1st Edition

The Korean Economy at the Crossroads Triumphs, Difficulties and Triumphs Again

By Chung-Sok Suh, Moon Joong Tcha Copyright 2003
    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    For many years up until 1997, Korea was widely seen in economic and financial circles as something of a miracle. The financial crisis that Korea experienced then did much to set its economy back, but by 2001 it was still the 13th largest economy in terms of GDP in the world.
    This enticing collection, with contributions from experts with an impressive knowledge of Korea and its economy, charts not only the well documented causes of the crisis, but more importantly, its response and recovery from it. With an admirable scholarly rigour, the book covers such topics as:
    *the origin and evolution of the Korean economic system and its special factors including chaebols
    *Korean industries since the crisis
    *What happened to the money after the capital flight of the crisis and did the USA benefit?
    "The Korean Economy at the" "Crossroads" is intended and recommended not only for students and academics involved in international finance, economics and Asian studies, but also for the business leaders and policy makers who can draw lessons from the books important analyses.

    Un-Chan Chung Foreword 1. MoonJoong Tcha, Minsoo Lee and Chung-Sok Suh The Korean Economy: Triumphs, Difficulties and Triumphs Again 2. John Hawkins The Asian Financial Crisis: Genesis and Exegesis 3. Wonhyuk Lim The Origin and Evolution of the Korean Economic System 4. Hyun-Hoon Lee A 'Stroke' Hypothesis of Korea's Financial Crises 5. John McKay The Restructuring of the Korean Economy since 1986 and the Onset of the Financial Crisis: The Industrial / Financial Nexus 6. Euysung Kim The Impact of Ownership and Capital Structure on Productivity Performance of Korean Firms in the 1990s 7. Youngok Kim Financial Reporting of Selected Korean Listed Companies: Disclosure Practices 8. Seung-Ho Kwon Sok and Chung-Sok-Suh The Chaebol and Korean Capitalism: The Hyundai Business Group 9. Jung-Soo Seo Real Exchange Rate and Inward FDI in the Crisis-Ridden Korea 10. Sunseop Jung The Financial System in Korea after the 1997 Financial Crisis: A Legal Perspective 11. Byung S. Min Dynamic Prospects for Korean Banks' Monitoring of Business Groups 12. Kwang Soo Park and MoonJoong Tcha Korean Steel Industry after the Economic Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities 13. Sang-Moon Hahm Restructuring of the Public Enterprise after the Crisis: The Case of Deposit Insurance Fraud 14. Jinu Kim, Sang-Young Lee and Denny McGeorge The Rise and Fall of Real Estate Trust Institutions in Korea 15. Eric van Wincoop and Kei-Mu Yi Asia Crisis Postmortem: Where Did the Money Go and did the United States Benefit? 16. David Deok-Ki Kim Interpreting Some Empirical Facts of Business Cycles and Stock Returns in Korea 17. Hyung-Min Kim The Role of FDI in the Recovery of the Financial Crisis in Korea: With Special Reference to the Bilateral Economic Relationship between Korea and Australia under APEC 18. Inkyo Cheung Korea's FTA Policy: Background and Current Progress


    Chung-Sok Suh, Moon Joong Tcha