1st Edition

The Korean Verb - Structured and Complete

By Dick Grune, Seongyeon Cho Copyright 2020

    The Korean Verb - Structured and Complete provides an in-depth, systematic, and structured presentation of the Korean verb and its verb forms, a notoriously complex area for learners of the language.

    The book presents learners with a method that simplifies the forming and understanding of Korean verb forms. The method is based on encapsulating the irregularities in the verb forms in three stem forms for each verb. After introducing the three-stem method, the subsequent chapters apply this method to the three verb classes, consonant stems, vowel stems, and ㄹ-stems.

    The book has three main features: the three-stem method; the complete treatment of irregular and similar regular verbs; and a complete dictionary of over 200 verb endings and suffixes. Each is useful in its own right; together they embody a complete understanding of the Korean verb form.

    The book is of prime interest to anybody who is involved in studying or teaching Korean, and more in particular to the intermediate and advanced student who likes to have a systematic way to tackle all Korean verb forms.


    1. Verbs and Stems

    2. Endings and Suffixes

    3. The Consonant Stems

    4. The Vowel Stems

    5. Theㄹ-stems

    6. Generated Verbs

    7. Listing of the Endings and Suffixes

    A Glossary

    B Sources



    Dick Grune is a computer scientist with a life-long interest in languages. Following his retirement from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, he turned to studying the forms and structure of the Korean language.

    Cho Seongyeon is a native speaker of Korean, has previously worked as a copywriter for Korean businesses, and is presently a teacher of Korean to foreign learners.