1st Edition

The Kremlin of Kazan Through the Ages

By Ravil Bukharaev, Nigel Davis Copyright 2001

    Within every ancient city lies a heart and soul which breathe life into it, creating its own special character, embodying the memories of the past, the confidence of the present, and the hopes for the future. In the thousand-year old city of Kazan, this living heart is the Kazan Kremlin, rising above the city, and for centuries a unique feature not only of Kazan, but also of the entire landscape of the Middle Volga region. This large-size (approx. 20 by 30 cm) book explores the beauty, the history, the past and present uses and the mysteries of the Kazan Kremlin in words and images. The text is provided in parallel English and Russian versions, and all the photographs are reproduced in full colour, several of them as two-page spreads. All photographs have been especially commissioned for this volume. This book represents a unique record of this remarkable monument, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and should be of great interest to anyone interested in the great buildings of the world, the history of Kazan, and architecture in general.

    The heart and soul of Kazan; Historical milestones; Unique features; The Kremlin in the context of Kazan history; The Citadel; The walls and towers; The Khan’s Courtyard and the complex of the Governor’s Palace; Religious buildings; The Public Offices; The Cadets’ School complex; The Artillery Cannon Foundry; The mysteries of the Kazan Kremlin; Welcome!


    Ravil Bukharaev works for the BBC World Service in London.