1st Edition

The LGBTQ+ Muslim Experience

Edited By Chana Etengoff, Eric M. Rodriguez Copyright 2023
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    The LGBTQ+ Muslim Experience presents an accessible, applied discussion of transformative and intersectional approaches to LGBTQ+ Muslim research, training and clinical practice. The book asserts that LGBTQ+ Muslims can agentively build resilience pathways as they negotiate multiple minority identities and stressors. Through consciously recognizing the power-laden contexts of both conflict and development, scholars and clinicians can partner with multiple minority populations such as LGBTQ+ Muslims as they pursue social justice and enact their own transformative development.

    To this end, this book aims to address four goals: (1) to amplify the voices of both sexual and gender minority Muslims; (2) to acknowledge the intersectional challenges and stressors that LGBTQ+ Muslims encounter as a multiple minority group; (3) to highlight LGBTQ+ Muslims’ relational and cultural resilience tools and (4) to introduce transformative intersectional psychology frameworks for future research and clinical practice with sexual and gender minority people of faith.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Homosexuality.

    1. Introduction: Incorporating Transformative Intersectional Psychology (TIP) into Our Understanding of LGBTQ Muslims’ Lived Experiences, Challenges, and Growth 

    Chana Etengoff and Eric M. Rodriguez 

    2. Spirituality and Religious Engagement, Community Involvement, Outness, and Family Support: Influence on LGBT+ Muslim Well-Being 

    Greta L. Stuhlsatz, Shane A. Kavanaugh, Ashley B. Taylor, Tricia K. Neppl, and Brenda J. Lohman 

    3. Coming Home to One’s Self: Butch Muslim Masculinities and Negotiations of Piety, Sex, and Parenthood in Singapore 

    Ad Maulod 

    4. Voices of Resistance and Agency: LBTQ Muslim Women Living Out Intersectional Lives in North America 

    Maryam Khan and Nick J. Mulé 

    5. "I feel as if I’m lying to them": Exploring Lesbian Muslims’ Experiences of Rejection, Support, and Depression 

    Chana Etengoff and Eric M. Rodriguez 

    6. This Being is a Guest House: Embracing Humility, Liberation & Strengths in Therapy with Sexual and Gender Diverse Muslims 

    Michelle Vaughan, Gokce Ergun, and Julie Williams 


    Chana Etengoff, PhD, is an intersectional developmental psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Adelphi University’s Derner School of Psychology. Leading Adelphi’s Intersectional Development (ID) Lab, Dr Etengoff studies how cultural, gender and sexual minority groups agentively mediate sociorelational conflicts—transforming minority stress into stress related growth.

    Eric M. Rodriguez, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Social Science at the New York City College of Technology. Drawing on his interest in the psychology of religion, Dr. Rodriguez’s studies identity conflict and integration as they relate to religiosity/spirituality, sexual orientation and identity development.