1st Edition

The Language of Journalism Volume 1, Newspaper Culture

Edited By Melvin J. Lasky Copyright 2000
    494 Pages
    by Routledge

    498 Pages
    by Routledge

    The newspaper is to the twentieth century what the novel was for the nineteenth century: the expression of popular sentiment. In the first of a three-volume study of journalism and what it has meant as a source of knowledge and as a mechanism for orchestrating mass ideology, Melvin J. Lasky provides a major overview. His research runs the gamut of material found in newspapers, from the trivial to the profound, from pseudo-science to habits of solid investigation.

    The volume is divided into four parts. The first attacks deficiencies in grammar and syntax with examples from newspapers and magazines drawn from the German as well as English-language press. The second examines the key issues of journalism: accuracy and authenticity. Lasky provides an especially acute account of differences between active literacy and passive viewing, or the relationship of word and picture in defining authenticity.

    The third part emphasizes the problem of bias in everything from racial reporting to cultural correctness. This is the first systematic attempt to study racial nomenclature, identity-labeling, and literary discrimination. Lasky follows closely the model set by George Orwell a half century earlier. The final section of the work covers the competition between popular media and the redefinition of pornography and its language. The volume closes with an examination of how the popular culture both influenced and was influential upon literary titans like Hemingway, Lawrence, and Tynan.

    1: A Question of Style; 1: Words Win, Language Loses; 2: The Equality of Sentences; 3: The Slang of an In-Lingo; 4: Sort of Suspicious, Kind of Guilty; 5: Of Plastic Prose, in Bits and Pieces; 6: Life-Style Crosses the Ocean and Returns; 7: Teutonics, or Refighting World War II; 2: The Art of Quotation; 8: The Little Goose Feet; 9: Television and Press “War”; 10: Mailer’s Tales of Oswald; 11: Citations Sown; 12: Words, Words, Words...; 13: The Strategy of Misquotation; 14: The Interviewer and the Interviewee; 3: The Quest for Meaning; 15: Race and the Color of Things; 16: The N-Word and the J-Word; 17: The Art of Punditry; 18: In the Pseuds’ Corner; 19: Pop Kulcher; 20: The Art of Explanation; 21: Keeping Up with the Avant-Garde; 22: Hard Words and Generation Gaps; 4: The F-word and Other Obscenities; 23: Skirmishes in the Sex War; 24: World War II, Fifty Years After; 25: A Trio of As*ter*isk*s; 26: Gender in the Combat Zone; 27: Remembering the Founding Fathers


    Melvin J. Lasky