1st Edition

The Law and Society Canon

Edited By Carroll Seron Copyright 2006
    604 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume presents seminal monographs that continue to shape the contemporary discipline of law and society. Long before the turn toward cultural analysis of social institutions, socio-legal scholars demonstrated the ways in which law and its activities is contingent on the context of time, place, and hierarchy. The works selected for this volume demonstrate this foundational principle of the discipline of law and society.

    Contents: Introduction: Socio-Legal Theory: The boundaries of legal sociology, Donald Black; The ideology of law: advances and problems in recent applications of the concept of ideology to the analysis of law, Alan Hunt ; Sociology and natural law, Philip Selznick; Substantive and reflexive elements in modern law, Gunther Teubner. Disputing: The myth of the reluctant litigant, John O. Haley; Non-contractual relations in business: a preliminary study, Stewart Macaulay; Choices in legal procedure: Shia Moslem and Mexican Zatopec, Laura Nader. Courts and the Discovery of Local Legal Culture: The practice of law as a confidence game: organizational cooptation of a profession, Abraham Blumberg; Western law in a traditional society: Korea, Dai-Kwon Choi. Lawyers: Comparative sociology of legal professions, Richard L. Abel; Specialization and prestige in the legal profession: the structure of deference, John Heinz and Edward Laumann. Policing: The police on skid-row: a study of peace keeping, Egon Bittner; Police deadly force as social control: Jamaica, Argentina and Brazil, Paul Chevigney; Irony and effective supervision and an enabling legal environment, Setsuo Miyazawa. Administrative Law and Regulation: The contradictions of immigration lawmaking: the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Kitty Calavita; Bargain and bluff: compliance strategy and deterrence in the enforcement of regulation, Keith Hawkins; Judicial review of administrative guidance: governmentally encouraged consensual dispute resolution in Japan, Michael K. Young); Index.


    Carroll Seron