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The Law of Financial Crime

About the Series

While a growing number of high profile financial crime cases have hit the headlines recently the topic of financial crime is also generating much attention amongst academics and practitioners. This series will be the first to be dedicated to the law of financial, or economic, crime and offers a platform for important and original research in this area.  

Books in the series will cover traditional subjects of financial crime including money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, market abuse, insider dealing, market manipulation, tax evasion, bribery and corruption. But broader legal and regulatory issues will also be covered as well as emerging areas of concern such as the risks to stability of the financial system posed by financial crime. Emphasis will be placed on comparative approaches to the subject considering legislation across a number of jurisdictions as well as international regulations where appropriate, giving the series a truly global outlook. 

The titles in the series are primarily aimed at an audience of researchers, scholars and practitioners in the area but should also be of interest to policy makers, law enforcement agencies, financial regulatory agencies, as well as people employed within the financial services sector.

17 Series Titles

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Regulating and Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing The Law in Emerging Economies

Regulating and Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: The Law in Emerging Economies

1st Edition


Nkechikwu Valerie Azinge
March 02, 2021

This book analytically reviews the impact of the global anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) framework on the compliance trajectory of a number of jurisdictions to this framework. The work begins by examining the international financial sector reform and its evolution to...

Lawyers and the Proceeds of Crime The Facilitation of Money Laundering and its Control

Lawyers and the Proceeds of Crime: The Facilitation of Money Laundering and its Control

1st Edition

Katie Benson
April 17, 2020

The role played by legal professionals in the laundering of criminal proceeds generated by others has become a priority concern for authorities at national and international levels. This ground-breaking book presents an in-depth empirical analysis of the nature of lawyers’ involvement in the ...

Corruption, Integrity and the Law Global Regulatory Challenges

Corruption, Integrity and the Law: Global Regulatory Challenges

1st Edition

Nicholas Ryder, Lorenzo Pasculli
February 27, 2020

Globalisation has opened new avenues to corruption. Corrupt practices are proliferating not only within national borders but across different countries. Despite many national and international anti-corruption bodies and strategies, corruption far from being eradicated. There is an urgent global ...

Financial Crime and Corporate Misconduct A Critical Evaluation of Fraud Legislation

Financial Crime and Corporate Misconduct: A Critical Evaluation of Fraud Legislation

1st Edition

Chris Monaghan, Nicola Monaghan
February 25, 2020

The Fraud Act 2006 presented a wholesale reform of the pre-existing deception offences under the Theft Act 1968 and Theft Act 1978. This edited collection offers a critical evaluation of fraud legislation and provides a review of the Fraud Act 2006 within the context of measures introduced within ...

Ownership, Financial Accountability and the Law Transparency Strategies and Counter-Initiatives

Ownership, Financial Accountability and the Law: Transparency Strategies and Counter-Initiatives

1st Edition

Paul Beckett
May 21, 2019

There is something visceral about ownership. This is mine; you can’t have it. This is mine; you can share it. This is ours. Try to find it. Contemporary literature and investigative journalism are showing that the scale of the problem of tax evasion, money laundering, organised crime, terrorism, ...

Corruption, Social Sciences and the Law Exploration across the disciplines

Corruption, Social Sciences and the Law: Exploration across the disciplines

1st Edition

Jane Ellis
April 30, 2019

The problem of corruption, however described, dates back thousands of years. Professionals working in areas such as development studies, economics and political studies, were the first to most actively analyse and publish on the topic of corruption and its negative impacts on economies, societies ...

Counter-Terrorist Financing Law and Policy An analysis of Turkey

Counter-Terrorist Financing Law and Policy: An analysis of Turkey

1st Edition

Burke Uğur Başaranel, Umut Türkşen
March 28, 2019

Since the 9/11 attacks the world has witnessed the creation of both domestic and international legal instruments designed to disrupt and interdict the financial activities of terrorists. This book analyses the counter-terrorist financing law (CTF), policy and practice at the national level, ...

Corporate Liability for Insider Trading

Corporate Liability for Insider Trading

1st Edition

Juliette Overland
March 14, 2019

Corporate Liability for Insider Trading examines the reasons why there have been no successful criminal prosecutions, or successful contested civil proceedings, against corporations for insider trading, and analyses the various rationales for prohibiting insider trading. It reviews the insider ...

Corruption in the Global Era Causes, Sources and Forms of Manifestation

Corruption in the Global Era: Causes, Sources and Forms of Manifestation

1st Edition

Lorenzo Pasculli, Nicholas Ryder
March 08, 2019

Corruption is a globalising phenomenon. Not only is it rapidly expanding globally but, more significantly, its causes, its means and forms of perpetration and its effects are more and more rooted in the many developments of globalisation. The Panama Papers, the FIFA scandals and the Petrobras case ...

The Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime - Legislative and Policy Responses A Critical Assessment

The Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime - Legislative and Policy Responses: A Critical Assessment

1st Edition

Nicholas Ryder, Umut Turksen, Jon Tucker
January 08, 2019

This book offers a commentary on the responses to white collar crime since the financial crisis. The book brings together experts from academia and practice to analyse the legal and policy responses that have been put in place following the 2008 financial crisis. The book looks at a range of topics...

The Global Anti-Corruption Regime The Case of Papua New Guinea

The Global Anti-Corruption Regime: The Case of Papua New Guinea

1st Edition

Hannah Harris
August 28, 2018

This book tackles the challenging topic of corruption. It explores the evolution of a global prohibition regime against corrupt activity (the global anti-corruption regime). It analyses the structure of the transnational legal framework against corruption, evaluating the impact of global ...

Countering Economic Crime A Comparative Analysis

Countering Economic Crime: A Comparative Analysis

1st Edition

Axel Palmer
September 19, 2017

Economic crime is a significant feature of the UK’s economic landscape and yet despite the government’s bold mission statements ‘to hold those suspected of financial wrongdoing to account’ as part of their ‘day of reckoning’ and ‘serious about white-collar crime’ agenda, there is a sense that this ...

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