1st Edition

The Least Dangerous Branch: Separation of Powers and Court-Packing The Supreme Court in American Society

Edited By Kermit L. Hall Copyright 2001

    Available as a single volume or as part of the 10 volume set Supreme Court in American Society

    The Supreme Court and the Political Question: Affirmation or Abdication? *; Constitution, Congress, and Court: On the Theory, Law, and Politics of Appellate Jurisdiction of the United States Supreme Court; Can a President Pack—Or Draft—The Supreme Court? FDR and the Court in the Great Depression and World War II; Reneging on History? Playing the Court/Congress/President Civil Rights Game; Constraining “The Least Dangerous Branch”: The Tradition of Attacks on Judicial Power; The Supreme Court under the Judiciary Act of 1925; The Origins of Franklin D. Roosevelt's “Court-Packing” Plan; Court-Curbing Periods in American History; The President and the Court: Reinterpreting the Court-packing Episode of 1937; Reflections on the Separation of Powers and Judicial Review at the End of the Reagan Era; Unfulfilled Aspirations: The Court-Packing Efforts of Presidents Reagan and Bush


    Kermit L. Hall