1st Edition

The Legacy of Edith Kramer A Multifaceted View

Edited By Lani Gerity, Susan Ainlay Anand Copyright 2018
    386 Pages 41 Color & 71 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    346 Pages 41 Color & 71 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    346 Pages 41 Color & 71 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    The Legacy of Edith Kramer presents a unique exploration into the life and work of the groundbreaking artist and art therapist. This edited volume examines the artist’s personal and cultural history prior to relocating to the United States as well as the later years when she worked as an artist, art therapist, and teacher as she developed her theoretical understanding of art therapy. Kramer’s solutions to creating a meaningful artist’s life run throughout the chapters within this book, and provide the reader with a sense of what is possible. Written by an international group of contributors, this informative new text offers a multifaceted view of Edith Kramer that will be appreciated by current and future art therapists looking to better understand Kramer’s exceptional mind and contributions to the field.

    Foreword: A Fortunate Life Edith Kramer Introduction: A Generous and Challenging Artist’s Worldview Lani Gerity and Susan Ainlay Anand HISTORY AND CONTEXT 1. Feelings That Cannot Be Put Into Words Darcy Marlow 2. Mumi Kramer, Grundlsee, and the Caring Net Johannes Reichmayr, Charlotte Zwiauer, Lani Gerity, Martha Haeseler, and Edith Kramer 3. Edith Kramer Remembered Anni Bergman 4. Edith Kramer on Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, Erna Furman, and Terezin Interviews with Elena Makarova MORE RECENT HISTORY 5. Edith Kramer: A Generous, Generative Genius Judith A. Rubin 6. Importance of Cultural Roots Irene Rosner David 7. Edith Kramer at New York University: Recollections Laurie Wilson 8. Teaching with Edith Ikuko Acosta 9. Art Therapy Experiences with Edith and a Group of Adults Raffaella Bortino, Wilma Cipriani, and Raffaela Carola Lorio ARTIST IDENTITY 10. Edith Kramer’s Artistic Legacy: Beyond the Studio Geoffrey A. Thompson 11. Remembering Edith Kramer Karl Pallauf 12. An Edith Collage Katherine Williams 13. The Mosaic Edith Kramer 14. Create Your Own: Kramer’s Criteria for Quality as Central to Art Therapy Jordan S. Potash EDITH KRAMER’S THEORETICAL CONCEPTS 15. Edith Kramer’s Notion of "Quality" Elizabeth Stone 16. On Edith Kramer’s Seminal Concept of Sublimation in Art Therapy Elizabeth Stone 17. Sublimation Then and Now Laurie Wilson 18. The Building of an Artist’s Identity Kevin Maxwell 19. Edith Kramer’s Third Hand: Intervention in Art Therapy Karin Dannecker 20. Kramer’s Sublimation: Creative Expansion or Limitation? David Henley MEMORIES 21. Panel Remarks: Edith Kramer David Henley 22. Gleaning the Pearls: Reflections of a Student Kathryn E. Bard 23. Tales of Edith Patti Greenberg 24. Formed Expression David Henley EDITH KRAMER’S CONCEPTS APPLIED TO PRACTICE 25. Edith’s Legacy as Artist and Art Therapist in the Art Room Martha Haeseler 26. Hector: A Case Study Illustrating Edith’s Teachings Martha Haeseler 27. Understanding Lineage, Difference, and the Contemplative Dimensions of Edith Kramer’s Art as Therapy Model Michael A. Franklin 28. Art and Cancer: Transference and Countertransference: Channeling Edith Kramer Esther Dreifus-Kattan 29. Edith Kramer’s Influence on the Development of Medical Art Therapy Irene Rosner David 30. Experiences of Learning from Edith Kramer and Translating Her Book Shyueying Chiang 31. Edith, Puppets, and the Kindly Superego Lani Gerity ART, ART THERAPY, AND CULTURE 32. Quality and Inner Satisfaction: Revisiting the Importance of Quality in Art and Art Therapy Edith Kramer, Susan Ainlay Anand, and Lani Gerity 33. Cultural Gifts of Wisdom, Hope, and Beauty Edith Kramer, Lani Gerity, and Susan Ainlay Anand 34. Religion and Cultural Humility: Lessons Learned in Conversation and Practice Susan Ainlay Anand 35. Sense of Place: Edith Kramer’s Wisdom for Times of Isolation and Dissociation Susan Ainlay Anand SAYING GOODBYE 36. Do You Require Inspiration Just to Breathe? Elena Makarova (Translator, Tali Magidson) 37. Lyceum Art Therapy Training Program Margherita Gandini (Translator, Eleonora Marchesi) 38. On Leaving and Preserving David Henley 39. Creating a World of Possibilities: Life Lessons from Edith Kramer Lani Gerity 40. Conclusions: Is this the End or the Beginning? Susan Ainlay Anand and Lani Gerity


    Lani Gerity is an author and art therapist with a master’s and a doctorate from NYU. She studied with Edith Kramer and edited Edith’s Art as Therapy: Collected Papers. She maintains a website, blogs, and online groups filled with encouragement and alternative arts for artists, art therapists, and art educators.

    Susan Ainlay Anand is a graduate of the NYU art therapy program where she was trained by Edith Kramer. As an instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Susan provides art therapy services and teaches psychiatry residents about the use of art therapy with medically ill and psychiatric patients. 

    "Lani Gerity and Susan Ainlay Anand, along with their cadre of amazing contributors, managed to bring Edith Kramer back to us with integrity, respect and humor, and endowed to us the scholarly perspectives and life lessons that she embodied. You don't often hear this about academic, scholarly texts, but I could not put this book down; it was simply a pleasure to read. Thank you Lani and Susan for keeping her legacy alive."
    Dave Gussak, PhD, ATR-BC, professor of art therapy, chair of the Department of Art Education, Florida State University, USA.

    "To all those students of art therapy who never had the opportunity to herald the arrival of Edith Kramer in their classrooms, fresh off the train from New York City with a rucksack of client art work on her back and her long gray braid swinging, this book is as close as it gets. The Legacy brings Edith’s work to life, revealing the potency, tenacity, and beauty of theories that form the basis of art therapy."
    Audrey Di Maria, MA, LCPAT, ATR-BC, editor, Exploring Ethical Issues in Art Therapy: 50 Clinicians From 20 Countries Share Their Stories (Routledge, 2018).

    "This beautiful book illustrates the legacy of Edith Kramer as a pioneer, which is more and more relevant at this time, when art therapy is becoming global. Indeed, her words may help others to be pioneers in their own countries, focusing on what she describes as the essential simplicity of art therapy: ‘a safe place, where people may be respected and feel alive… and may perceive their world again, and make some sense of it.’"
    Paola Luzzatto, PhD, registered art therapist, UK and USA, art therapy teacher and supervisor, Italy and Tanzania

    "The legacy of Edith Kramer has been well documented in multiple publications and countless professional presentations, so why yet another book?  Gerity and Anand have gathered contributions from many who knew Edith well, and hence this book provides fascinating and intimate glimpses of Edith as provocateur, critic, friend, colleague, pioneer art therapist, and consummate artist."
    Bruce L. Moon, PhD, ATR-BC, HLM, professor and chair of the art therapy department, Mount Mary University, USA.

    "This finely-rendered portrait of an art therapy pioneer is a satisfying read: intimacy, history and conviction are interwoven to illuminate ‘our Kramer’s’ theoretical contributions for generations of art therapists to come."
    Theresa Zip - Envisage