1st Edition

The Legal and Moral Aspects of International Trade Freedom and Trade: Volume Three

Edited By Geraint Parry, Geraint B Parry Copyright 1998
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection of essays by international lawyers and moral philosophers arises from a prestigious multi-disciplinary conference to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846. It examines the legal, moral and political dimensions of free trade. Contributors explore issues such as:
    * the ethics and rules of competition
    * the idea of global justice
    * the problem of international exploitation
    * the protection of the environment
    * the regulation services
    * international taxation and the justifications for barriers to trade.
    This book provides an important insight into the continuing debates surrounding free trade. It is an important text for experts across the fields of economics, politics and law as well as to those with an interest in international trade.

    About the editors and contributors, General editors’ preface, Acknowledgements, 1. Introduction, 2. The feasibility and desirability of global free trade, 3. Cosmopolitanism, realism and the national interest, 4. Perspectives on liberalizing international trade, Commentary on Caney and Hunt, 5. Procedural justice and the problem of voluntarism, 6. Liberalizing international trade: what is today’s choice of weapons?, Commentary on Ingram and Bourke, 7. The ethics of competition, 8. The need for integrating trade and competition rules in the WTO world trade and legal system, Commentary on Wolff and Petersmann, 9. Transnational and international exploitation, 10. Developments in the services sector: the GATS, Commentary on de-Shalit and Johnson, 11. Environmental regulation and economic deregulation: is there a conflict?, 12. ‘What now?’ Trade and environment: an overview of the current debate, 13. TRIT—a new WTO code of conduct on trade-related aspects of international taxation?, Commentary on Qureshi, 14. Trading with the enemy, 15. Standards and technical regulations as barriers to trade: regulating regulations, Commentary on Steiner and McGovern, Index


    Asif Qureshi, Geraint Parry, Geraint B Parry, Hillel Steiner