1st Edition

The Libyan Oil Industry

By Frank C. Waddams Copyright 1980

    The Libyan Oil Industry (1980) gives a narrative and analysis of the economic consequences of the discovery and production of oil in Libya, from the searches for oil by the major oil companies to the establishment of Libya as one of the main exporters in the world. It examines the reasons behind this rapid rise, and concentrates on the roles of the Libyan Government and the oil companies, and the relations between them; the impact of Libyan oil and events in Libya on the petroleum markets of Europe and the world; and the response of the Libyan economy to the development of its oil industry.

    Part 1. The Background – Libya and the International Petroleum Industry in the 1950s  1. The Political and Economic Structure of Libya  2. The World Petroleum Industry and the Markets for Oil in the Post-war Period until 1960  Part 2. The Development of the Libyan Oil Industry, 1955–1961  3. The Libyan Petroleum Law of 1955  4. The Course of Development from 1955 to 1961  Part 3. Revisions to Legislation, 1961 and 1965  5. The 1961 Amendments to the Petroleum Law and Regulation No. 6  6. The Events Leading to the 1965 Petroleum Law Amendment  7. The 1965 Petroleum Law Amendment  Part 4. Government Relations, Oil Industry Development and the Libyan Economy, 1961–1969  8. Government Relations, Intervention and Participation  9. Oil Industry Development in Libya during the 1960s  10. Libyan Oil Production, Exports and Markets  11. The Impact of Oil on Libya’s Economy  Part 5. After the Revolution, 1970–1976  12. The Revolutionary Government and the Oil Companies  13. Prices, Markets and Operations  14. Overseas Relations in Petroleum Affairs  15. The Libyan Economy  16. Epilogue


    Frank Waddams