1st Edition

The Life of Nelson, by Robert Southey

Edited By Tim Fulford Copyright 2020

    The Life of Nelson is one of Robert Southey’s most influential and bestselling works. This new edition will contain a comprehensive critical apparatus that will make sense of the major issues posed by the text and how it contributes to studies of both Southey and Romanticism. The edition will feature a critical and contextual introduction, which will set out the origins and composition of the text together with its publication history, as well as offer a carefully considered view of the interplay between the Life and other biographies of Nelson, bringing into view the wide array of sources and influences Southey drew from.



    List of Figures

    Editorial Introduction

    Glossary of Nautical Terms

    Southey’s Life of Nelson

    Editorial Notes

    Appendix A: Southey’s Review of Publications on Nelson, Quarterly Review, 3 (February 1810), 218-62

    Appendix B: Reviews of Southey’s Life of Nelson


    Tim Fulford is Professor of English at De Montford University, UK