1st Edition

The Limits of Gendered Citizenship Contexts and Complexities

Edited By Elżbieta H. Oleksy, Jeff Hearn, Dorota Golańska Copyright 2011
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    The underlying theme of this edited collection is gendered citizenship, as well as the challenges and limits that confront the gendering of citizenship. It critiques the notion of the genderless nation-state citizen — in both analytical and policy terms and contexts — and necessarily engages with at least three major sets of contradictions or tensions: limitations on achieving gender equal or gender equitable citizenship; relations and differences between gender equality policy, diversity policy, and gender mainstreaming; and interplays of academic analyses of and practical interventions on gendered citizenship. Contributors from diverse scientific disciplines and academic backgrounds aim to provide a better understanding of the challenges that societies within Europe and elsewhere face vis-à-vis diversity, regionalism, transnationalism, and migration.

    1. Introduction: The Limits of Gendered Citizenship  Jeff Hearn, Elżbieta H. Oleksy and Dorota Golańska  Part 1: Supranational and European Contexts: New Political Agendas for Citizenship  2. From the Intimate to the Global: Reflections on Gendered Citizenship  Ruth Lister  3. Towards Feminist Citizenship: Contentious Practices and European Challenges  Emanuela Lombardo and Mieke Verloo  4. EU Gender Equality Policy: Citizens’ Rights and Women’s Duties  Emanuela Lombardo and Petra Meier  Part 2: The Nation-State in Regional Contexts: New Contradictions in Citizenship  5. Citizenship in the Newly Enlarged Europe: Contested Strategies of Achieving Gender Equality  Noemi Kakucs  6. Equality Discourses at the Crossroads: Gender Equality versus Diversity  Thorgerdur Thorvaldsdóttir and Thorgerdur Einarsdóttir  7. Introducing Transgender Citizenship: The UK Case  Surya Monro  8. Comparative Studies of Well-Being in Terms of Gender, Ethnicity and the Concept of "Bodily Citizenship": Turning Esping-Andersen on His Head?  Keith Pringle  Part 3: Transnational and Migratory Contexts: New Cultural Spaces of Citizenship  9. Governing Muslim Headscarves: Regulations and Debates in Europe Siegelinde Rosenberger and Birgit Sauer  10. Negotiating Spaces of Participation: Experiences and Strategies of Skilled Immigrant Women Seeking Professional Integration  Nadia Baghdadi and Yvonne Riaño  11. Ethnic Minority Women and Political Influence in Norway  Line Nyhagen Predelli  12. "We Are Simply More Beautiful": Counter-Stories of Lithuanian Migrant Women in London  Rasa Erentaite  13. Russian Women-Immigrants in the Nordic Countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden – Gender Perspective on Social Justice  Jana Sverdljuk


    Elżbieta H. Oleksy is Full Professor of Humanities at the University of Łódź and the University of Warsaw. She is Chair of the Department of Transatlantic and Media Studies and Founding Director of Women’s Studies Centre, both at the University of Łódź.

    Jeff Hearn is Professor in Gender Studies (Critical Studies on Men), Linköping University, Sweden, Professor, Hanken School of Economics, Finland, and Professor of Sociology, University of Huddersfield, UK.

    Dorota Golańska holds a PhD in Humanities and an MA in International Relations. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Transatlantic and Media Studies and affiliate researcher at the Women's Studies Centre, University of Łódź.