1st Edition

The Living Tradition of Architecture

Edited By José de Paiva Copyright 2017
    394 Pages
    by Routledge

    382 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Living Tradition of Architecture explores the depth of architecture as it takes flesh in the living tradition of building, dwelling and thinking. This is a timely appraisal of the field by some of its foremost contributors. Beyond modern misconceptions about tradition only relating to things past and conducive to a historicist vision, the essays in this volume reveal tradition as a living continuity and common ground of reference for architecture. This collection of essays brings together world-leading scholars, practicing architects and educators, Alberto Pérez-Gómez, Christian Frost, Dagmar Weston, Daniel Libeskind, David Leatherbarrow, Eric Parry, Gabriele Bryant, Joseph Rykwert, Karsten Harries, Kenneth Frampton, Mari Hvattum, Patrick Lynch, Robin Middleton, Stephen Witherford, and Werner Oechslin, in a single celebratory publication edited by José de Paiva and dedicated to Dalibor Vesely. This book provides a unique initiative reflecting the group’s understanding of the contemporary situation, revealing an ongoing debate of central relevance to architecture.

    Acknowledgements  Preface Eric Parry  The Living Tradition of Architecture Jose de Paiva  "Remembrance of Things Past" Daniel Libeskind  Part 1: The Background of Architecture as Living Tradition  "Prudentia non est Scientia" Werner Oechslin  Model, Type and the Great Church Joseph Rykwert  Goethe Blindfolded Mari Hvattum  Beauty, Nostalgia, Hope: The pulpit in Oppolding Karsten Harries  Ideas on Movement in Architecture in Britain and France during the Eighteenth Century Robin Middleton  Part 2: The Modern Transmission of Architectural Knowledge and Experience  Towards an Ontological Architecture: A philosophical excursus Kenneth Frampton  Modern Aesthetics and the Machine: Technology and the Gesamtkunstwerk in early twentieth-century Germany Gabriele Bryant  Le Corbusier’s La Tourette and the Hermeneutic Imagination  Alberto Perez-Gomez  Rule and Law – Architecture and Nature: Kahn’s design for St Andrews Monastery David Leatherbarrow  Part 3: Coming to Terms with the Conditions for Contemporary Practice  ‘The Language of Stones’: Towards a situated architecture Dagmar Weston  Tradition and Historicism in Caruso St John’s Remodeling of Tate Britain Christian Frost  Civic Bodies: Lynch Architects at Victoria Street Patrick Lynch  "Half of it is not necessarily in ruins" Stephen Witherford  Curricula Vita  Endnotes  Index  Image Credits  Bibliography


    José de Paiva (editor), born in Lisbon, graduated from the Escola de Artes Decorativas Antonio Arroio in 1991, and from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon in 1997 (Lisbon School). He holds an MPhil and a PhD by the University of Cambridge and has taught at Cambridge, and more recently as Visiting Professor at the University of Pennsylvania (PennDesign). In London since 2012, he is the author of Fragments towards a Theology of Architecture (2015).