1st Edition

The Logic of the Gift Toward an Ethic of Generosity

Edited By Alan D. Schrift Copyright 1997
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    The theme of the gift can be located at the center of current discussions of deconstruction, gender and feminist theory, ethics, philosophy, anthropology, and economics: it is, simply, one of the primary focal points at which contemporary interdisciplinary discourses intersect. Into this context comes a new, indispensable volume. The Logic of the Gift offers several important essays on gifts and gift-giving that are often referred to but seldom read, and adds to them new essays written especially for this collection.

    Introduction: Why Gift?; One: Documents; One: Gifts; One: Gift, Gift; One: Gift and Exchange in the Indo-European Vocabulary; Two: Readings of Mauss; Two: Selections from Introduction to the Work of Marcel Mauss; Two: The Spirit of the Gift; Two: Heliocentric Exchange; Three: French Re-Appraisals; Three: The Time of the King; Three: Sorties: Out and Out: Attacks/Ways Out/Forays; Three: Women on the Market; Three: Selections from The Logic of Practice; Three: Marginalia—Some Additional Notes on the Gift; Four: Anglo-American Interventions; Four: Bataille, Gift Giving, and the Cold War; Four: What Goes Around Comes Around: Derrida and Levinas on the Economy of the Gift and the Gift of Genealogy; Four: The Metaphysics of Presents: Nietzsche's Gift, the Debt to Emerson, Heidegger's Values; Four: Partners and Consumers: Making Relations Visible


    Alan Schrift is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Grinnell College and the author of Nietzsche and the Question of Interpretation (Routledge, 1990) and Nietzsche's French Legacy (Routledge, 1995).