1st Edition

The Long-Haired Kings And Other Studies in Frankish History

By J.M. Wallace-Hadrill Copyright 1962
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    276 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1962, The Long-Haired Kings is split into two parts. The first is concerned with the history of France in the period of gestation, between the end of Roman imperial room in Gaul, and the emergence of medieval France in the tenth century. It is principally concerned with the Franks, their institutions, laws and writers. The second half acts as an introduction to the hitherto unpublished study of Frankish kingship and surveys Merovingian rule from its beginning in the Rhineland wastes to the metamorphosis as Carolingian rule. This book is a unique contribution to the study of medieval history and was one of the first books of its time to provide a unique study of European languages.

    1. Frankish Gaul

    2. Gothia and Romania

    3. The Work of Gregory of Tours in the Light of Modern Research

    4. Fredegar and the History of France

    5. Archbishop Hincmar and the Authorship of Lex Salica

    6. The Bloodfeud of the Franks

    7. The Long-Haired Kings


    Wallace-Hadrill, J.M.