1st Edition

The Long Road Baghdad
Volume 1

ISBN 9781138282391
Published December 10, 2016 by Routledge

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Book Description

Originally published in 1919, this 2 volume work chronicles the British missions in Mesopotamia which the author, Edmund Candler states the purpose as being 'the safeguarding of India and the destruction of the Turk.' Looking back, Candler dislikes the morbid tone of the early chapters, and looks to change them, yet fortunately for future readers looking for a first hand glimpse into this time period, he has 'left the mournful passages uncorrected. There is more truth in them as they stand.' Including these 'uncorrected' passages means that Candler writes in detail and with honesty when covering the many battles and obstacles faced by an army in a foreign land.  

Table of Contents

1. Introductory 2. From Fao to Ctesiphon 3. From Marseilles to Ali Gharbi 4. Sheikh Saad 5. After Sheikh Saad 6. the Modern correspondent 7. the battle of th Wadi 8. The Battle of umm-el-Hannah 9. The Night of January 21st 10. The Truce 11. With the Cavalry - The advance on the Right Bank 12. Transport 13. The Attack on the Dujaila Redoubt 14. The Check at El Orah 15. breaking Through 16. Beit Aieesa 17. The Third Attack on Sannaiyat 18. the Fall of Kut 19. Waiting for the Shamal 20. The Karun River and the Oilfields 21. The Hun in Persia 22. The Garden of Eden 23. Nasiriyeh 24. The Hot Weather

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