The M.E.Sharpe Library of Franklin D.Roosevelt Studies: v. 2 : Franklin D.Roosevelt and Congress - The New Deal and it's Aftermath book cover
1st Edition

The M.E.Sharpe Library of Franklin D.Roosevelt Studies: v. 2
Franklin D.Roosevelt and Congress - The New Deal and it's Aftermath

ISBN 9780765606235
Published April 30, 2001 by Routledge
208 Pages

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Book Description

This book assesses contrasting interpretations of President Roosevelt's relations with the Nye Committee. It explores the complexity confronting Rayburn in weighing the factors that influenced his actions during the New Deal portion of his near half century in Congress.

Table of Contents

Section I: FDR and Groups: Chapter One Roosevelt and Progressive Republicans: Friends and Foes, Chapter Two: The Congressional Mavericks: The "Radical" Populist- Progressive Heritage and the New Deal, Chapter Three: FDR and the Nye Committee: A Reassessment, Chapter Four: 'Die Velt, Yene Velt, and Roosevelt': The New Deal in the Jewish Community, Section II: FDR and Individual Congressmen: Chapter Five: Sam Rayburn and FDR, Chapter Six: Wright Patman's Entrepreneurial Leadership in Congress, 1929-1941, Chapter Seven: A Southern Congressman Clashes with His Commander-In-Chief: James P. Richards, FDR, and the 1941 Neutrality Act, Section III: Looking at the Record Fifty Years Later: Chapter Eight: The 1938 Purge: A Reexamination, Chapter Nine: The Realignment Theory After Fifty Years, Chapter Ten: Cutting the Deck: New Deal, Fair Deal, and the Employment Act of 1946: Problems of Study and Interpretation

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Nancy Beck Young, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, is Associate Professor of History at McKendree College. Her primary research interest is twentieth century politics and women. She is the coauthor of Texas, Her Texas: The Life and limes of Frances Goff, and is completing a book on Wright Patman, about whom she has published several articles. William D. Pederson, Ph.D. University of Oregon, is Professor of Political Science and Director, American Studies Program, at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. His publications are principally about the American presidency. He has organized conferences at LSU in Shreveport on specific presidents. Byron W. Daynes Ph.D., University of Chicago, is Professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University. He has written extensively on the American presidency. Thomas P. Wolf, Ph.D., Stanford University, is Professor Emeritus of Political Science and former Dean of Social Sciences at Indiana University Southeast. He serves as newsletter editor of the British Politics Group. His scholarly research has focused on the American presidency, American and British political parties, and political leadership.


"This fine collection of essays demonstrates the tremendous impact of FDR on the modern presidency, especially in the arena of inter-branch relations. The chapters are uniformly of high scholarly quality and well written." - Mark Rozell, The Catholic University of America