2nd Edition

The Making Of Iran's Islamic Revolution From Monarchy To Islamic Republic, Second Edition

By Mohsen M Milani Copyright 1994
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    299 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this fully revised and expanded second edition, Dr. Milani offers new insights into the causes and profound consequences of Iran's Islamic Revolution. Drawing on dozens of personal interviews with the officials of the Islamic Republic and on recently released documents, he presents a provocative analysis of the dynamics and characteristics of factional politics in Islamic Iran. Among the new issues covered are the events leading up to the Teheran hostage crisis, Ayatollah Khomeini's life and writings, President Rafsanjani's activities against the Shah, Rafsanjani's recent reforms, Iran's involvement in the Kuwaiti crisis, and the domestic and foreign policy challenges facing Iran in the post?Cold War era.The second edition is specifically revised for use as a text for courses dealing with Iran, the Middle East, and revolutionary movements.

    Preface to the Second Edition -- Introduction -- Conceptual Framework -- The Study of Revolution: Science of Anarchy or Anarchy of Science? -- Historical Background -- The Constitutional Movement and the Creation of the Pahlavi Dynasty -- Reform from Above and Resistance from Below: The June Uprising of 1963 -- Preconditions of the Islamic Revolution -- Economic Development and Political Decay -- Opposition to the Pahlavi Regime: Its Ideological and Organizational Bases -- The Crisis of Wealth -- The Mechanics of the Transfer of Power -- The Anatomy of Iran’s Revolutionary Movement: From Demanding Reforms to Dethroning a King -- The Postrevolutionary Power Struggle -- The Rise and Fall of the Provisional Revolutionary Government: A Good Government for a Wrong Time -- Iran’s First Encounter with the Presidency and the Drive Toward Radicalism -- Khomeini and the Challenge to Govern -- The Drive Toward Moderation: Iran Under Khamenei and Rafsanjani -- Conclusion


    Mohsen M. Milani is associate professor of politics, Department of Government and International Affairs, University of South Florida in Tampa.