1st Edition

The Making of Modern Irish History Revisionism and the Revisionist Controversy

Edited By D. George Boyce, Alan O'Day Copyright 1996
    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume brings together distinguished historians of Ireland, each of whom tackles a key question, issue or event in Irish history since the eighteenth century and:

    * examines its historiography
    * assesses the context of new interpretations
    * considers the strengths and weaknesses of revisionist ideas
    * offers their own interpretation.

    Topics covered are not only of historical interest but, in the context of recent revisionist debates, of contemporary political significance.

    These original contributions take account of new evidence and perspectives, as well as up-to-date historical methodology. Their combination of synthesis and analysis represent a valuable guide to the present state of the writing of modern Irish history.

    Introduction  1. Eighteenth Century Ireland: Colony or Ancient Regime?  2. The Context and Causes of the '98 Rebellion  3. The Union and its Consequences  4. The Great Famine  5. Irish Nationalism  6. Irish Unionism  7. Land: The Revisionist Controversy  8. 1916: The Meaning of a Rising  9. British Policy and Ireland  10. Literature, Nationalism and Society


    Boyce, D. George; O'Day, Alan

    'This is a stimulating book. It asserts the value of the discipline of history against its current enemies. Those, on the one hand, who would dissolve history into literature, a form of story-telling where fiction is as good as fact. And those, on the other hand, who understand history as the source for useful propaganda' - Arthur Aughey, The Making of Modern Irish History

    'Between them they have compiled a really excellent and much needed study. The editors deserve particular congratulations.' - Charles Chenevix Trench, Irish Independent