1st Edition

The Management Of Pacific Marine Resources Present Problems And Future Trends

By John P Craven Copyright 1983

    The mineral, food, and energy potential of the oceans increases in importance as land-based resources approach their ultimate limits. International planning for the utilization of common ocean areas beyond territorial waters has thus become a vital task, one made difficult by competition among nations and the unregulated operations of multinational

    Foreword: The Pacific Basin and the Law of the Sea -- The Unsettled Law of the Sea -- Energy Futures of the Oceans -- Mineral Futures of the Oceans -- Living Resource Futures of the Oceans -- Transportation Futures of the Oceans -- Ocean Technology Futures -- The Ocean Commons: Try Again in the Pacific? -- Workshop Participants -- Workshop Papers -- Chee Plan


    John P. Craven, an ocean engineer and lawyer, was chief scientist of the Polaris system and promoted the first successful U.S. experiment in generating usable energy from the thermal gradient in tropical ocean waters. He is now dean of Marine Programs at the University of Hawaii, marine affairs coordinator for the state of Hawaii, and director of the Law of the Sea Institute.