1st Edition

The Management Of Success The Moulding Of Modern Singapore

    1196 Pages
    by Routledge

    A collection of analytical reflections on how the island of Singapore has been transformed from a colony in a crumbling empire into a thriving, modern, secular, independent republic. These are the results of a five-year project by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

    Preface -- Notes on Singapore -- Singapore’s Inheritance -- The Colonial Legacy -- Leadership and Policy -- The Political Leadership -- The PAP and the Structuring of the Political System -- The Bureaucracy -- The Limits of Government Intervention -- The Management of People -- Trade Unions -- Social Welfare -- The Restructuring of the Economy -- From High Growth Rates to Recession -- Theoretical Notes on Singapore as a Development Model -- Diversification of Trade -- The Character and Progress of Industrialization -- Expansion of the Services Sector -- Singapore as an Oil Centre -- The Port of Singapore -- The Evolution of Singapore as a Financial Centre -- Singapore’s Record of Price Stability, 1966–84 -- Elaboration of the Transport System -- Providing Mobility and Accessibility -- Government as Entrepreneur -- The Transformation of Society -- The Demographic Base -- The Perception and Practice of Education -- Language and Linguistic Policies -- The English-Language Writer in Singapore -- The Chinese as Immigrants and Settlers -- Singaporean Identity -- The Emergence of Nationalism -- The Law -- The Singapore Legal System -- Constitutional Development -- Value Systems -- Value Premises Underlying the Transformation of Singapore -- Religion -- Culture and the Arts -- Self-Images Contexts for Transformations -- Modification of the Environment -- The Transformation of the Physical Environment -- Spatial Reorganization -- The Idea of the Garden City* -- The Political Economy of Public Housing -- The Architecture of Rapid Transformation -- Towards an Information Society -- Managing the Information Revolution -- Singapore in the Computer Age -- Community and National Security -- Crime and Control -- Community Security -- National Security -- Foreign Relations -- The Conduct of Foreign Policy -- Life in Singapore -- The Problem of Corruption -- The Business of Living in Singapore -- The Quality of Life in Singapore -- The Reckoning -- A Little Dragon Tamed -- Challenges of Success


    The late Kernial Singh Sandhu (1929-92) taught at the Universities of Malaya, Singapore and British Columbia before becoming Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in 1972. Professor of Asia Pacific Studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan and also Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.