1st Edition

The Mandate of Heaven Hidden History in the Book of Changes

By S J Marshall, S. J. Marshall Copyright 2001
    by Routledge

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Mandate of Heaven was originally given to King Wen in the 11th century BC. King Wen is credited with founding the Zhou dynasty after he received the Mandate from Heaven to attack and overthrow the Shang dynasty. King Wen is also credited with creating the ancient oracle known as the Yijing or Book of Changes. This book validates King Wen's association with the Changes. It uncovers in the Changes a record of a total solar eclipse that was witnessed at King Wen's capital of Feng by his son King Wu, shortly after King Wen had died (before he had a chance to launch the full invasion). The sense of this eclipse as an actual event has been overlooked for three millennia. It provides an account of the events surrounding the conquest of the Shang and founding of the Zhou dynasty that has never been told. It shows how the earliest layer of the Book of Changes (the Zhouyi) has preserved a hidden history of the Conquest.

    Part I The Mandate of Heaven; Chapter I The framework of the argument; Chapter II The title of the oracle; Chapter III Imprisoned for a sigh; Chapter IV An overlooked solar eclipse record; Chapter V Darkness at noon, June 20, 1070bc; chapter VI The army carries the corpse; chapter VII Battling in the Wilds; chapter VIII A few concluding remarks; Part II Further mysteries of the Changes; Chapter IX The mingyi bird; Chapter X Melons, willows, hoarfrost, and creepers; Chapter XI King Wen is fed his own son; Chapter XII The curse of the ancestors; Chapter XIII Clouds follow the dragon; Chapter XIV No skin on his thighs;


    S J Marshall, S. J. Marshall