1st Edition

The Maple V Primer, Release 4

By Frank Garvan Copyright 1996
    160 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Learn how to use the modern techniques offered by Maple V, a powerful and popular computer algebra system. The Maple V Primer: Release 4 covers all the basic topics a reader needs to know to use Maple V in its major revision encompassed in Release 4 to do algebra and calculus, solve equations, graph 2- and 3-dimensional plots, perform simple programming tasks, and prepare mathematical documents.
    Every common command and function is supported by a specific example, so you won't waste time struggling with the syntax. Graphs, plots, and other Maple output are provided along with the syntax, so the user knows what to expect when she or he uses a particular command. And all the examples come with a short discussion, answering questions you might have about applying the example to your own work. This is a painless - even fun - way to learn how to use Maple V.

    Chapter 1. Getting started
    Starting a MAPLE V session
    Basic syntax
    Editing mistakes
    Quitting MAPLE V
    Chapter 2. MAPLE V as a calculator
    Exact arithmetic and basic functions
    Floating-point arithmetic
    Chapter 3. High school algebra
    Polynomials and rational functions
    Factoring a polynomial
    Expanding an expression
    Collecting like terms
    Simplifying an expression
    Simplifying radicals
    Simplifying rational functions
    Coefficients of a polynomial
    Substituting into an expression
    Restoring variable status
    Left and right-hand sides
    Finding exact solutions
    Finding approximate solutions
    Assigning solutions
    Fun with integers
    Complete integer factorization
    Quotient and remainder
    Gcd and lcm
    Integer solutions
    Chapter 4. Data types
    Data conversions
    Chapter 5. Calculus
    Defining functions
    Composition of functions
    Summation and product
    Techniques of integration
    Taylor and series expansions
    Solving differential equations
    Asymptotic expansions
    Chapter 6. Graphics
    2-dimensional plotting
    Restricting domain and range
    Parametric plots
    Multiple plots
    Polar plots
    Plotting implicit functions
    Plotting points
    Title and text in a plot
    Plotting options
    Saving and printing a plot
    3-dimensional plotting
    Parametric plots
    Multiple plots
    Space curves
    Contour plots
    Plotting surfaces defined implicitly
    Title and text in a plot
    3-dimensional plotting options
    Chapter 7. Linear Algebra
    Vectors, arrays and matrices
    Matrix operations
    Elementary row operations
    Gaussian elimination
    Inverses and determinants
    Row space, column space, nullspace
    Eigenvectors and diagonalization
    Jordan form
    Random matrices
    More linalg functions
    Chapter 8. MAPLE V Programming
    Conditional statements
    Local and global variables
    Reading and saving procs
    Viewing built-in MAPLE V code
    Chapter 9. Saving and reading files
    Saving a Maple session
    Reading MAPLE V programs
    Saving worksheets and LaTeX
    Chapter 10. Document preparation
    Adding text
    Inserting math into text
    Adding titles and headings
    Creating a subsection
    Cutting and pasting
    Bookmarks and hypertext
    Chapter 11. Overview of Packages
    Numerical approximation
    Combinatorial functions
    Number Theory
    Orthogonal polynomials
    Student calculus
    Other packages
    Glossary of commands
    Further reading