2nd Edition

The Marketing Research Guide

ISBN 9780789024176
Published October 28, 2005 by Routledge
446 Pages

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Book Description

Get the tools you need for effective market research—including Internet surveys!

The Marketing Research Guide: Second Edition is the newest edition of the Haworth marketing research classic that now includes Internet sources of data, Internet surveys, and an added advanced statistical analysis chapter. Step-by-step instructions take practitioners through the entire marketing research process. Worksheets, sample proposals, questionnaires, and a copy of a final report foster complete understanding of the tools and techniques of marketing research.

The Marketing Research Guide: Second Edition contains the accessible writing, comprehensive coverage of major topics, and helpful supplementary materials that made this book the sought-after classic in 1997 that was chosen for Choice Magazine’s 34th annual Outstanding Academic Books (OAB) list. Marketing professionals now have an updated, essential guide through the complete marketing research process for the twenty-first century. Techniques and concepts are clearly explained and illustrative of the role marketing information plays in decision-making. Descriptions of the major forecasting, sampling, and analysis techniques are designed for optimum understanding without the reader needing to posess advanced mathematical expertise. Appendices include sample questionnaires and a sample marketing research report.

The Marketing Research Guide: Second Edition provides practical information on:

  • Internet sources of data and Internet surveys
  • advanced statistical analysis
  • decision-making information, planning, and forecasting
  • test marketing
  • developing valid and reliable measurement instruments
  • data-collecting methods
  • designing a questionnaire
  • determining sampling frame and selecting sampling method
  • data-summary methods and research reports
  • mail survey design and mailing procedures
  • full product testing techniques and procedures

The Marketing Research Guide: Second Edition is an essential reference for anyone who needs to review or find illustrative marketing research procedures and techniques. Managers will find this source invaluable as they negotiate, evaluate, and use marketing research as part of the decision-making process.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Marketing Research
  • The Marketing Decision Environment
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Research and Decision Making
  • Strategic versus Tactical Information Needs
  • Research for Strategic Decisions
  • Steps in a Marketing Research Project
  • Applications of Marketing Research
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 2. Research Designs for Management Decisions
  • The Decision-Making Perspective of Research
  • The Research Design Decision Process
  • Types of Research Designs
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 3. Experimentation
  • What Is Experimentation?
  • Terminology
  • Validity and Experimentation
  • Field versus Laboratory Experiments
  • Experimental Design Symbols
  • Ethics and Experimentation
  • Experimental Research Designs
  • Limitations of Causal Research
  • Ex Post Facto Research
  • Test Marketing
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 4. Measurement
  • What Is to Be Measured?
  • Who Is to Be Measured?
  • How to Measure What Needs to Be Measured
  • Improving the Measurement Process
  • Developing Valid and Reliable Measurement Instruments
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 5. Introduction to Data Collection
  • Sources of Data
  • Types of Data
  • Secondary Data Sources
  • Secondary Data Sources on the World Wide Web
  • Your Local Library
  • Uses of Secondary Data
  • Primary Data
  • Types of Primary Data
  • Methods of Collecting Primary Data
  • Procedures of the Communication Method
  • Personal Interviewing
  • Telephone Interviewing
  • Mail Surveying
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Communication Methods
  • Procedures of the Observation Method
  • Summary
  • Worksheets
  • Chapter 6. Designing the Data-Gathering Instrument
  • Goals of a Questionnaire
  • Classification of Questions
  • Steps in Designing a Questionnaire
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 7. Fielding the Data-Gathering Instrument
  • Planning
  • Guidelines for Interviewers
  • Interviewing Relationship
  • Interviewing Situation
  • The Actual Interview
  • General Rules of Fielding a Research Project
  • Errors in Data Collection
  • Types of Nonsampling Errors
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 8. Sampling Methods and Sampling Size
  • What Is Sampling?
  • Sampling Decision Model
  • What Is a “Significant” Statistically Significant Difference?
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 9. Analyzing and Interpreting Data for Decisions
  • From Data to Decisions
  • Data Summary Methods
  • Cross-Tabulation
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 10. Advanced Data Analysis
  • Marketing Research and Statistical Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Measures of Association
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 11. The Research Report
  • Types of Written Reports
  • Report Format
  • Oral Reports
  • Presenting Statistical Data
  • Summary
  • Worksheet
  • Chapter 12. Industrial and International Marketing Research
  • Industrial Market Research
  • Approaching the Industrial Marketing Research Project
  • International Market Research
  • Survey Data-Gathering Methodology Decisions
  • Type of Interviews
  • The Importance of Relevant Market Information
  • Chapter 13. Mail Surveys
  • Ad

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