The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook : Modeling, Measurement, and Control book cover
1st Edition

The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook
Modeling, Measurement, and Control

ISBN 9780849385964
Published December 20, 2001 by CRC Press
872 Pages 275 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

With a specific focus on the needs of the designers and engineers in industrial settings, The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook: Modeling, Measurement, and Control presents a practical overview of basic issues associated with design and control of mechanical systems. In four sections, each edited by a renowned expert, this book answers diverse questions fundamental to the successful design and implementation of mechanical systems in a variety of applications.

Manufacturing addresses design and control issues related to manufacturing systems. From fundamental design principles to control of discrete events, machine tools, and machining operations to polymer processing and precision manufacturing systems.

Vibration Control explores a range of topics related to active vibration control, including piezoelectric networks, the boundary control method, and semi-active suspension systems.

Aerospace Systems presents a detailed analysis of the mechanics and dynamics of tensegrity structures

Robotics offers encyclopedic coverage of the control and design of robotic systems, including kinematics, dynamics, soft-computing techniques, and teleoperation.

Mechanical systems designers and engineers have few resources dedicated to their particular and often unique problems. The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook clearly shows how theory applies to real world challenges and will be a welcomed and valuable addition to your library.

Table of Contents

MANUFACTURING, Edited by Galip Ulsoy
Manufacturing Systems and Their Design Principles, M.G. Mehrabi, A.G. Ulsoy, and Y.Koren
Computer-Aided Process Planning For Machining, Derek Yip-Hoi
Discrete Event Control of Manufacturing Systems, D.M. Tilbury and P.P. Khargonekar
Machine Tool Vibrations, Yusuf Altintas
Machine Tool Monitoring and Control, Kourosh Danai
Process Monitoring and Control of Machining Operations, Robert G. Landers, A. Galip Ulso, and Richard J. Furness
Forming Processes: Monitoring and Control, David E. Hardt
Assembly and Welding Processes and their Monitoring and Control, S. Jack Hu and Elijah Kannatey-Asibu, Jr.
Control of Polymer Processing, David Kazmer and Kourosh Danai
Precision Manufacturing, Thomas R. Kurfess
VIBRATION CONTROL, Edited by Nejat Olgac
Active Damping of Large Trusses, Preumont, F. Bossens, and N. Loix
Semi-Active Suspension Systems, Nader Jalili
Semi-Active Suspension Systems II, Michael Valásek and Willi Kortüm
Active Vibration and Absorption and Delayed Feedback Tuning, Nejat Olgac and Martin Hosek
Vibration Suppression Utilizing Piezoelectric Networks, K.W. Wang
Vibration Reduction via the Boundary Control Method, Siddharth P. Nagarkatti and Darren M. Dawson
An Introduction to the Mechanics of Tensegrity Structures, Robert E. Skelton, J. William Helton, Rajesh Adhikari, Jean-Paul P. Pinaud, and Waileung Chan
The Dynamics of the Class 1 Shell Tensegrity Structure, Robert E. Skelton and Jean-Paul Pinaud, D.L. Mingori
ROBOTICS, Edited by Miomir Vukobratovic
Robot Kinematics, Bruno Siciliano
Robot Dynamics ,Miomir Vukobratovic and V. Potkonjak
Actuators and Computer-Aided Design of Robots, Miomir Vukobratovic, V. Potkonjak, Masaharu Takano, and Kenji Inoue
Control of Robots, Miomir Vukobratovic and D. Stokic
Control of Robotic Systems in Contact Tasks, Miomir Vukobratovic andD. Surdilovic
Intelligent Soft-Computing Techniques in Robotics, D. Katic and B. Karan
Teleoperation, Telerobotics, A. Bejczy
Mobile Robotic Systems, Nenad M. Kircanski
Humanoid Robots, Miomir Vukobratovic , Branislav Borovac, D. Stokic, and D. Surdilovic
Present State and Future Trends in Robot Applications, M. Hagele and Dieter Schraft

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" Editors Nwokah and Hurmuzlu have assembled a useful addition to the literature on mechanical design and manufacturing. An interesting feature of this handbook is its systems view, a timely addition since the systems approach is gaining importance in engineering…The handbook offers a good balance of description, mathematical details, and illustrations. A welcome addition to the literature…"